Premiere: Eurisko - 'Do It Over'

Words by Freya Langley

Eurisko derives from an ancient Greek word that means '”I discover” and is the electronic side-project of Neon Tetra’s Daniel Clohesy and Oscar Westell. Layering celestial vocals with sax solos on top of waves of analog synthesizers and heavy down-tempo drum machine beats, the duo are producing epic, futuristic tracks. The project is the product of hours of experimentation with Clohesy’s Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 polyphonic analog synth, combined with classical saxophone training.

Synths, sax and an electronic drum kit form the foundation of the duo’s sound, with the melodic vocals adding a touch of “human” and amplifying the euphoric, synth-heavy tracks. The duo is heavily influenced by film scores, as well as their imagery and visual aesthetic. To synth and sax wizard, Daniel, Eurisko’s sound “feels like the soundtrack to an epic cyberpunk anime set in some futuristic megacity that’s constantly evolving and playing in the back of my mind.” The pair ultimately plan to run a full visual show, that is responsive to their live set.

This idea manifests in the duo’s new track, “Do It Over” - a hypnotic, soothing and catchy track, featuring comforting, human melodies.

Listen below.

Check out Eurisko on Facebook, Soundcloud and Triple J Unearthed, and stay tuned for their debut live show in June.