Video Premiere: Ryan Martin John - 'Mexico'

Local singer-songwriter Ryan Martin John has just released a new music video for his song 'Mexico', off his debut EP Solar.

"I always envisioned this song emanating from a desert somewhere, so the video was always going to take place in one. The song has this underlying current of 'what's on the other side of a relationship, or, what's the outcome of pursuing this person? What gets sacrificed and what gets gained?'" explains Ryan.

Watch the video, directed by local filmmaker Lewis Brideson, here:

"When Lewis and I were scouting for the location we got our ute bogged on the beach for an hour in the blazing sun. The local residents fished us out using a tow truck, and the rope they first used snapped twice. That rope ended up around my wrists in the video. I like the memory attached to the one we used, cause we thought the ute was going to be swallowed up by the incoming tide," laughs Ryan.

"Thanks goes out to the residents of Parham for helping a couple of city chumps out!"

Ryan Martin John's debut EP Solar, released through Poke In The Eye Records, is available for listen and download here.