Support your local this Record Store Day

Paradise Loft Records. Photo by Dave Court.

Paradise Loft Records. Photo by Dave Court.

"Buy real records in real shops, or I'll come ‘round your house and scream at your mother.” - Ian Gillan (Deep Purple)

This year marks ten years of Record Store Day - a day dedicated to supporting your local, independent record store and celebrating the culture they foster. It's about getting into your local store and discovering and supporting great music. Record Stores are not simply in-n-out shops, where you nip in and checkout as fast as you can. They’re sites of networking and community exchange and a platform for small bands to reach an audience. They foster passion for music in a way that iTunes and Spotify can't. Independent record stores are undoubtedly the backbone of the music industry.

This year, Record Store Day falls on Saturday April 22nd and such a special occasion calls for special, limited edition vinyl releases and unique celebrations across participating stores. We had a chat with some of our favourite local participating stores ahead of the festivities this Saturday about the day and all things vinyl.


Clarity Records

Photo by Dylan Minchenberg

Photo by Dylan Minchenberg

Yewth: What does record store day mean for you?
Matthew "Footy" Horvath: Since we trade for 24 hours on the day, it means no sleep! It's non stop work preparing in the weeks leading up to it, then absolute craziness on the day. It's a really fun day. There are aspects I don't like about it, but you just have to put that aside and power through.

How did Clarity Records come to be? What inspired you to start a record store and label?
I worked at a record store previously to opening Clarity. That store closed down and so we decided it was time to open up our own store. We have been trading since April 17, 2010, which actually happened to be Record Store Day as well. I've always had a strong love for music and I have always been heavily involved in the local music community, so starting our own store/label was a natural progression for us.

Why is record store day important?
Record Store Day is important because it helps put independent record stores back on the map. It helps to steer people in the direction of independent record stores because of the limited exclusive releases, making it the busiest day of the year for us.

What records do you hope to find for your collection this year?
There's never usually much in terms of Record Store Day releases for my own collection. There's always interesting stuff, but my collection is quite specific. Having said that, if it looks good I might pick up a copy of the Ramones or Sex Pistols box sets.

Clarity Records is open for 24 hours from midnight on Saturday April 22nd. Find limited edition releases, infinite new and secondhand records, and vegan cupcakes at 60 Pulteney Street. Keep up to date with what's in store this year over here



Yewth: What is the significance of independent record stores in a city like Adelaide?
Col: We need them! It's great to be able to go into a record shop and discover something new. There's not many record shops in Adelaide but each one has something unique to offer. Record Store Day is a great opportunity to support them.

What are your top three records of all time?
Serge Gainsbourg - 'Histoire de Melody Nelson'
Novos Baianos - 'Acabou Chorare'
Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II

What does Record Store Day mean for you?
We order loads of the exclusive Record Store Day releases. Some come, and some don't. They usually arrive on the day before so we spend the evening unpacking boxes and stacking the shelves. We open at 8am and it's always a super busy day. It's a lot of fun.

Have you got any tips for looking after your records?
Handle them only on the edges and put them back in their sleeves after use. Be nice to them and they will be nice to you!

Streetlight is trading from 8am on Record Store Day. You can find a range of special Record Store Day releases and the usual vinyl, books and art-house film at shop 2/15 Vaughan Place (near The Exeter Hotel)


Crackle and Pop

Photo courtesy of C&P.

Photo courtesy of C&P.

Yewth: Why is record store day important?
Mark: I think it's extremely important that indie stores get recognised and have a chance to show off what they have to offer to people who might not have visited them before. It  gives everyone a chance to compete with the big boys who get all the sweet deals throughout the year.

What are your top picks of this years releases?
The Cure - Greatest Hits will be great. The Space Jam Soundtrack is a must. The David Bowie releases are always sought after, and the Biggie release will no doubt sell out by lunchtime.

Why do you think vinyl has made such a comeback?
Simply, I think people finally got sick of paying for digital albums and never actually having anything physical from it. Vinyl never really went away but it's very exciting to see people buying and enjoying vinyl a lot more. It's great to listen to a full album the way it was intended to be heard and not just listen to a couple of songs then skip through tracks on a phone.

What inspired your travelling record store?
I've always been involved in the music retail industry in some way. I also love experiencing new cafes, bars and venues so I figured “why not combine them both?” Obviously the dream is to have a bricks and mortar store but we love sharing the love and getting out to as many awesome local spots as we can.

Where can we find you this Record Store day?
You will find us at the King’s Head on King William Street, along with DJs, a food truck, drink specials, coffee and more from 8am! The King’s Head has always been very supportive of all things that come from SA so we are very privileged to join forces.

Crackle & Pop is a travelling record store. You can catch them out and about most weekends at all of your local cafe and bar haunts. 


Underground Records

Yewth: What does Underground Records have planned for Record Store Day this year?
Craig: We will be celebrating our second birthday at Norwood. We have made limited edition Underground Records T-shirts and have commissioned a Brazilian illustrator for a limited edition Drive-In style poster. Lots of specials including brand new records as low as $10.00. Plus some amazing out-of-print collectibles exhumed from our vinyl vaults. Hundreds of new releases and the chance to win a Mastodon Emperor of Sand LP or the incredible WAXWORK release of The Thing soundtrack. We'll have selected Record Store Day releases too.

What is special about Record Store Day for you?
Record Store Day is special because the entire local record community comes out and supports our little indie shops. Despite a lot of the official releases for Record Store Day being cheap re-issues, we find most people are out to buy quality vinyl - and that makes us very excited and extremely proud.

What are the benefits and pitfalls of offering a niche “ear-deafening, heavy” selection of records?
Benefits: You get to meet people who intensely love music. I've always respected people who seek music out rather than be spoon fed by the corporate networks. Pitfalls: They are all musically mobile in terms of getting online and doing their own ordering. For me it's about getting hold of the gold - the vinyl they can't get or missed out on or are yet to discover. I have to be constantly ahead of the game. Actually, that's my excuse for spending too much time listening to new music!

What is your most sought after collectors item?
My most sought after is Nirvana Bleach Tour Edition. Pressed on green vinyl by Aussie Label Waterfront it features a canvas tour bag. I have collected all but the yellow edition and this green tour one. I'll own it one day!

Find all of your heavy music needs at Underground Records at 9/47 The Parade, Norwood. They’ll be trading from 9am this Saturday, with limited edition t-shirts, collectibles, and special-priced vinyl. 


For a full list of special releases and participating stores head over to

Most importantly, don't just support your local indie record store on the day dedicated to it - support your local every day and in every way.