Immersive Art takes over Compton Street - FELTdark: Street Cinema

Words by Lauren Abineri
Photos by Dave Court

Last Friday night, Artist-Run Initiative (ARI), FELTspace celebrated the first anniversary of their newest exhibition platform, FELTdark - an after-hours video platform in the gallery window with Street Cinema. This project was funded by the proceeds from their annual fundraising auction and is a testament to the ongoing support of the Adelaide arts community. Taking over Compton Street (thanks to Splash Adelaide and the Adelaide City Council), three video screens including lit up the street as punters sampled popcorn and sipped wine. Two screens hosted a showreel of videos, while nestled between them, in Terra Villa Studio's window was an infinite loop of a piece by Jess Taylor (SA).

Inside, FELT's April exhibitions were open; Liam Colgan's (WA) 'King Single / Expanded Queen', exploring how a bedroom might host or form emergent queer identity. This was an intimate contrast to the street outside as we pick up headphones to immerse ourselves in Liam's microcosms, little private escapes to a blue flannelette den. In the back gallery, Kristen Coleman's (SA) neon-light installation, 'Parallel', a horizon-line looming and stark; static until the viewer moves closer, making the light flicker and buzz.

There is something about viewing work slowly. There are rituals attached to video work in the gallery, the cinema, and the street party and each ritual has a sound. Between the soundscapes of the video works and the crowd, viewers could choose just how close (or loud) they wanted their experience to be. Taking video out of the gallery, out of the headphones and into the street - with the invitations borrowed from cinema and street party alike, something to sit on and nibble on - might be a push to view slower. To listen. To notice.

Whilst the street cinema was one night only, FELTdark will be viewable dusk-midnight, Wednesday to Saturday until May 3rd. Showing on the screen will be an edit of the SA artists exhibiting in this project. Wander past 12 Compton Street - What do you notice? How close would you like to be?

Full list of artists below:

Alex Bishop-Thorpe (SA) | Elise Bonato (SA) | Jordana Bragg (NZ)
Madison Bycroft (SA) | Georgina Cue (VIC) | Laura Duffy (NZ)
Chloe Guerbois (FR/DE) | Isabella Hone-Saunders (SA/VIC)
Ana Maria Luczak (PL/NL) | Kari Robertson (UK/NL)
Kaspar Schmidt-Mumm (SA) | Jess Taylor (SA) | Sarah Tickle (SA)
Henry Jock Walker (SA) | Anna Zett (DE)


Check out FELTdark, dusk - midnight from Wednesday until Saturday
FELTspace, 12 Compton St
Push Pin Boutique, 8 Compton St
Terra-Villa, 10 Compton Street