Q&A: Our top two picks for the Bowerbird Design Market

Words by Lucy Regter


YEWTH chats with two amazing makers, Satin & Tat and Days of August, ahead of this weekend's pre-Mother's Day Bowerbird Design Market

Kate Cuthbert of Satin & Tat has a background in Interior and Furniture Design, however these days you can find her cutting and pasting pictures from any source she can find- the result is a curious, vintage and elegant collection of collages that tell more stories than one.

Yewth: You work predominantly with paper collages, what’s your favourite source of cool images?
Satin & Tat: 
There are so many places I source images. Vintage National Geographics always deliver with amazing Kodachrome and Ektachrome colours. However, the edginess of modern High Fashion Magazines always seem to grab my attention too! I think a cool image can pop up anywhere, I'm always scanning books and mags!

Your “Fashcats” collection is a lovely assortment of cats on human bodies. Can you tell us where the inspiration for these came from?
The FashCats came about quite accidentally. In 2015 bought a set of blank cards and challenged myself to create 50 mini collages quite quickly without over thinking them. One of these collages happened to be the original FashCat. I thought it was something worth exploring further and now have 40+ of these kitties! They are fun to make, matching body language with the cat's expressions. I revisit them every 3 or 4 months and add to the series.

If you could only collage with images of IKEA furniture or images of spiders for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?
IKEA. Hands down!! I can't stand spiders to the point I don't like looking at images of them!! I studied furniture design for a while too, so apart from the arachnophobia, I'm drawn to furniture anyway. 

With a focus on making sustainable and repurposed jewellery and accessories, Marie-Pier Labelle AKA Days of August crafts clean and beautiful designs inspired by her upbringing in Montréal.

YEWTH: You’ve been making jewellery since you were a teenager, what encouraged you to first go DIY at an age where most of us are struggling to even know what we like?
Days of August: I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house of makers and lovers of Martha Stewart. DIY was a way of life in the Labelle household. Both my mother and grandmother were seamstresses, and my grandfather had an amazing wood working shop. So growing up, we used to make our own clothes, toys, curtains, refurbish old furniture, you name it! Making jewellery was a natural progression of that. I really learned to appreciate what I could make with my own two hands.

You originally hail from Montréal, Canada. What inspirations from your hometown shine through in your pieces?
DoA: I usually get my biggest waves of inspiration when I go back and visit my family in Montréal. There are a couple of reasons for that I think. First and foremost, I am very far away from my studio, so I can take the time to disconnect from the day to day operations of Days of August. I believe that kind of headspace really does help ideas bubble up to the surface. Secondly, being around my family and old friends, speaking French, eating food from my childhood and being in the city I grew up in definitely makes I feel grounded and close to my roots. I think maybe that state of mind, more than the city itself, puts me in a very authentic place within myself and designs start coming to me much more easily. It's a particularly distinct feeling -  it's hard to explain it!

If you could only wear one piece of jewellery for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?
DoA: Apart from my wedding band, I think it would be the very first Windsor I made. It was a grey silk tie I inherited from my grandfather, and it inspired the design that ultimately started my business. That piece is so dear to me, and it's also very versatile, so I don't tire of playing around with the different ways I can wear it. Even though most of my work has now shifted towards reclaimed stainless steel, The Windsor and it is still one of my best sellers.

The ever-popular Bowerbird Design Market, arguably Australia’s premier biannual art and design event is back for its eighth year and kicks off again for three days from Friday, May 5 at the Wayville Pavilion, Adelaide Showground.

Friday 5 May, 4pm to 9pm
Saturday 6 May, 10am to 5pm
Sunday 7 May, 10am to 5pm

Entry $5 at the gate, children 12 and under FREE.

Cash and eftpos facilities available.

For the full list of makers, designers, workshops and food stalls: bowerbird.net.au