Chats with Heaps Good Friends ahead of Groovin The Moo

Words by Isaac Selby

Heaps Good Friends are a trio of local muso mates, who were recently awarded a coveted spot on the Adelaide leg of Groovin the Moo. Yewth spoke to singer/instrumentalist Emma Fradd about festival expectations and impressing their parents.

Having met over a decade ago recording demos at the Old Gladstone Gaol, Nick O'Connor and Emma Fradd started making waves in 2016 as they gradually released a steady stream of euphoric pop songs. This got the attention of Triple J Unearthed and before they knew it a festival proposal was coming together. 

“We want to marry the entire crowd. Dan (our new drummer) is thinking of starting a new business as a celebrant, so we’re going to let him give it a go. The stage is really big and my watch has a pedometer so I’m trying to get 7000 steps in before the 20 minutes is up, this way I don’t have to hit the gym that night.”

If you can’t sense the excitement, well, it’s there, and for good reason. The band’s latest single ‘Let’s Hug Longer’, along with offering sound advice, has clocked over 20,000 hits on YouTube so far. They’re also one of the only bands with a countdown named after them, the inspiration for Radio Adelaide’s ‘Heaps Good 20’ deriving from when the band took out the number one spot in their inaugural countdown. They’ve also recently expanded from a duo to a trio, a shift in dynamic that has led to some new ideas for the band.

“We’re thinking of changing the band name to ‘partially good friends’ for the next single. Just kidding. I think it’s made us connect more to jump in the studio to write and prepare a live set with Dan. We both have full time jobs and live in different states so there’s been lots of juggling around of schedules, but this is something really important to us so here we are, knee deep.”

An apt metaphor considering the often notorious rainfall that has been experienced at Groovin the Moo in past years. With this in mind, Emma revealed the bands sharing the bill that she believed would be best at getting down and dirty; specifically in regards to who would make the best farmers.

“Not the Wombats, because they’ll chew through your bloody pipes! Chew through everything! No respect. We’ll say Violent Soho, they seem like they’d be good to be in the tractor with all day. I can see them stepping in some shit and not losing sleep over it.” 

Heaps Good Friends are a whole bunch of fun and if you’re heading to the festival make sure you catch them early on, also if possible, keep an eye out for their parents. 

“Mum and Dad will be there and I’ve got to borrow $500 off them so I’ve gotta play really really good. If you see them, tell them we’re really, really good.”

Heaps Good Friends play the Triple J stage at 12:15pm at Groovin the Moo
Listen to more of the band at their Triple J Unearthed page here

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