Interview: Cameron Doyle shares why YouTube is the new television

Words by Timothea Moylan

Cameron Doyle is a guy who knows how to pack a lot into one week.

 Cam doing his thing at Laneway Festival. Photo: Wade Whitington

Cam doing his thing at Laneway Festival. Photo: Wade Whitington

For those familiar with his online presence, you’ll recognise him as the affable and adventurous rogue from his high energy weekly YouTube vlogs. Whether it’s a lazy weekend drive down the coast with mates, partying through Adelaide’s festival season or running around dressed as a fairy, Cam captures these moments in a way that feels very natural. “I don’t like manufacturing something,” he explains. “I’ve been pretty lucky to have some weird and wacky wonderful things happen this year, but you have to remember it’s real life and not a movie, which is a hard line to balance. I try to make sure the camera is there first – I set it up and then just let things happen”.

Cam began sharing his life’s shenanigans, highlights (and occasionally the bad stuff) at the start of 2016, with a refreshingly real online presence and a good dose of unmistakably Aussie humour. “I’m a bit of an oversharer, so at the start I just put it out there and people vibed it”, he explains. “I think YouTube tends to be over-positive, so it’s nice to bring some realness to it. If I go through some shit, I’ll say so on the blog. It’s good to be transparent.”

His main inspiration is former YouTuber of the Year, Casey Neistat, who focuses on what Cam describes as “expanding a moment” rather than dealing with the mundane. “I don’t really need to see you getting up, having breakfast and putting on your pants”, he chuckles. “Instead, I’ll notice something cool or something that’s annoying me, and I expand that into a theme that runs throughout the blog for that week.”

Cam is also deeply inspired by Adelaide and its surrounds, with many of his videos featuring the rugged beauty of the South Australian coastline. By using a combination of drones and a DSLR camera as well as his iPhone, he captures hidden gems and local favourites in a way that’s both fresh and familiar. “I hate when people say Adelaide is boring,” he says with a subtle eye roll. “There’s so much cool shit to go and see, there’s always something to do, and there’s so much great scenery.”

 Drone action shot. Photo Wade Whitington

Drone action shot. Photo Wade Whitington

All this adventure is balanced between working full time in radio and spending around six hours each week editing and uploading content for the vlog. A fan of (very) early mornings and exploring the world around him, Cam isn’t one to stay still for too long. “Whenever I haven’t managed to get something done, it’s purely my own fault”, he says. “I think it’s important to look at what you do and how you live your life. Instead of saying ‘I wish’, just go and do it. If you’re going and experiencing stuff and actually doing something, it makes your life a little bit better.”

His infectiously positive vibe extends to the aspiring vloggers of the world, who he encourages to get out there and give it a go. “You can vlog anything! Anything can be interesting. Get a point and shoot, or film on your phone, and just have the confidence not to care what people think. If you want to do it, be prepared to put yourself out there and be consistent. YouTube is the new television, so if you can give people something consistent to watch, they’ll tune in.”

“Creatively, you’re always on a seesaw of ‘Am I doing cool shit, or am I doing something stupid?’, especially with vlogging,” he laughs. “You’re putting yourself out there so much. It’s about having the right support dudes and girls around you, who are going to build you up but also tell you that something sucks if it sucks.” For some seriously wise words on building positive networks, check out Cam’s 'How To Share The Stoke' video:

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Cam, with fresh ideas and inspiration on the horizon. “I want this to be a cool year,” he says with a smile. “I want to share everything that happens. I’m hoping to fill out my online personality a little bit more, whether it’s through travel or comedy. And if I can get on a plane or two, I’ll be stoked.”

Let’s hope he does, and in the meantime I’ll try setting my alarm for 5am…

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You can also tune in and listen to him on Breakfast with Cam & Alex on Fresh 92.7