Q&A with Horror My Friend ahead of Groovin The Moo

Words by Matthew Hayward
Photos by Dave Court

In the South Australian music industry, local bands are assigned opening supports to larger touring music festivals based on their self-worth and public profile. Writer at large and enfant terrible Matthew Hayward caught up with vocalist/guitarist/sadboy Tom Gordon of indie rock band Horror My Friend ahead of their upcoming local set at Groovin The Moo 2017. These are their stories.

Hey Tom, what's up.

Hey man, not much - how are you? Good I hope?

Terrible. Everything is swollen to touch. How did the DIYS single tour with Siamese go recently? I saw you play both shows in Adelaide, shows at Ancient World are pretty grouse hey?

Oh that's no good man, why is that? Did you get stung by a wasp? Yeah the tour was our most successful to date. We sold out five shows on the tour, which is by far the best response we've had and Siamese are great. Haha, the Ancient World show was an interesting one. I spent the majority of my time trying to find a bass amp, after Siamese blew two before our set.

I have that Benjamin Button disease. What does DIYS stand for? Does Josh know he is in contention for lankiest cuddle monster in the Adelaide rock scene?

Oh that's no good man, I suppose they're not gonna make a movie about you though. Seeing as they've already done one about Benjy. DIYS stands for Drowning In Your Sea, but that sounds too emo. Yes, I think he does.

I see you've been added to the Groovin The Moo lineup in Wayville on Friday 28th April at Wayville Showgrounds. Are you looking forward to playing with bands like Against Me! and Violent Soho?

Yeah! There are so many good bands playing, we're really stoked to be a part of it. We're all really keen to see Soho, Against Me, Smith Street, Tash Sultana, Methyl Ethyl and actually all the bands. 

Who are you most keen to see? I know you guys formed the first Mercedes College Darkness Appreciation fan club back at school.

I'd love to see The Darkness, purely to indulge Josh Battersby's fifteen year old self. They were his favourite band for a while, while mine was Muse (cool, right?). We had many arguments over which band was better than the other.

Did you both realise that it was a trick question, and that neither of you were correct?

Yeah, now we realise. But, if Muse played GTM I would lose my shit and talk to Matt Bellamy about conspiracy theories all night.

How is the second album coming along? When are you going to write a sociopolitical anthem I can do a sick nollie to?

Yeah good, we're wrapping up the writing phase at the moment. It's feeling a lot darker and at times atmospheric. More shoegaze/krautrock influence in comparison to Stay In, Do Nothing. I don't know what a nollie is so...

(shows Tom a wikiHow article on 'doing a nollie')

I'll write the sociopolitical anthem, but won't do a nollie. Counter question - can you do a nollie?

Two words for you. Shannon Mollie. I do that shit all the time.

As a doomsday prepper, I often find it hard to leave my home for supplies, let alone the state. What are some cool up and coming bands you've played with recently I should be checking out?

I thought a Nollie might be getting arrested outside the Crazy Horse...

Topical. Just stick to the questions being asked thanks.

Awesome bands we've played with recently? No Sister, Deafcult, Sweater Curse, Pals and White Blanks!

Christ, this interview is going terribly. Do you have any questions you'd like to ask me?

How old are you? Just going back to the Benjamin Button condition.

A real gross Aunty once told me you're only as old as the person you feel, so since I'm terribly alone I can't be certain for sure. What do you fear the most about growing older/younger?

Hey Matt, I'm here for you. Hmm, I am most afraid of my increasing self-awareness and decreasing social relevance. What do you fear Matt?

Wasps. Thanks for your time Tom.

Catch Horror My Friend playing the Adelaide leg of Groovin The Moo on Friday 28th April at Wayville Showgrounds, tickets and set times available now from the GTM website. Listen to Horror My Friend's new single DIYS here.