Dugong Jr chats beat production, collabs and his new couch

Words by Dave Court

If you're a fan of bass, electronic production and strange but aurally pleasing noises, Melbourne's Dugong Jr. is your boi. He has recently put out his first EP White Hearts, through the online music collective Moving Castle and Mad Decent imprint Good Enuff. We caught up with him in the lead-up to his set at Fat Controller, the final show of his White Hearts national tour, to ask a few Qs.

Yewth: Hey man what's up? Last time you were here in Adelaide you were touring with Jai Wolf, since then you’ve released your White Hearts EP and looks like you’ve been travelling a bit, how’s it all going?

Dugong Jr: Hey guys! Things have been going really well, I’ve released a bunch of new music, played some shows, saved some money and bought a new couch for my lounge room.

Nice one. Your EP has a bunch of cool features and collaboration on it, how do you balance collaboration with people online vs meeting up and working in a studio?

Hmm, I much prefer to work with people in a studio rather than online… but obviously it’s not always possible.

Tell us a bit about what Moving Castle is and how you got involved with those guys.

Moving Castle is basically a music collective of likeminded producers and artists from all over the world. One of the founders (Hunt For The Breeze) hit me up on Soundcloud like almost just after I had started releasing music, and we just became friends. I had a bunch of unreleased remixes and demos sitting around and I sent them over and he showed them to the other guys in Moving Castle and they asked me to join.

Did you get to spend much time with them when you were in the US? How was that?

Yeah I got to hang with everyone a fair bit which was cool! It’s kinda weird like talking to everyone on the Internet for so long and then finally meeting them IRL. It was cool though everyone was super chill.

What’s it like jumping across the world into a totally different scene, geographically, but still being kind of on the inside? I guess this internet/Soundcloud culture has taken away the fear/obstacle a bit of having to move and start again in a bigger pond?

Yeah it's really cool, it makes it much easier to kind of find spots and meet people that you instantly have things in common with. I guess that could be said for any particular subculture that has an online community.

I really like all of the visuals you put out, you do all your own design and artwork as well right?

Yeah I did a degree at Uni called Communication Design. I do all my own design work and also have a small studio (Studio Dugong) that I run.

How do you approach what, I guess, is the challenge of all producers - of bringing what you make on your own on a computer to a live performance setting?

Well I mean when you're sitting in a studio in front of a computer,  you're not always thinking about how is this going to sound in a live set. I think the most important thing for me when composing a track is to make sure it stays interesting, usually then you can figure out things on the fly when performing and just kinda vibe off the crowd.

It’s more fun that way.


Catch Dugong Jr. this Saturday May 13 at Fat Controller, all details on the event here.
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