Farewell, Stranger Things Have Happened

And so we come to this.

Stranger Things Have Happened have been shredding instrumental pop for the last four years, originally forming from the ashes of local act Auxilla.

Having played with some of the genre’s heavyweights (sleepmakeswaves, We Lost The Sea, The Burning Sea and mewithoutyou) as well as multiple festivals, STHH have decided to say farewell, due to band members moving abroad.

However, the guys are throwing a final EP launch tonight, a form of wake featuring a flashy light show and both their EPs played in full. Ol' mates Sincerely, Grizzly will also join the party tonight at the Crown and Anchor hotel.

Check out their new EP here, full of driving rhythms, syncopated riffs and the odd Rick and Morty quote...

After countless gigs as "that one instrumental band", STHH are hoping their small discography will stand out as something unique and memorable to anyone who has experienced them.

Catch them tonight at the Crown and Anchor hotel, details here.

It's The Self Titled EP recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Hills.