Track by Track: The Pinhead's debut album

Wollongong hellraisers, The Pinheads, today dropped their long-awaited, self-titled debut album. Before they embark on a string of tour dates Luke and Jez Player gave Yewth an insight into the album, track by bloody track.

Track 1: 'Second Coming'
This song was written in the middle of a tour with Skegss and Wash while we were staying on a secluded ranch in Murwillumbah. It's kind of about the craziness of tour - being in ridiculous situations that make you question what you're doing, but it all being worthwhile because everyone else with you is losing their mind too. On tour you just gotta try to keep sane and survive, you're stripped of your human qualities and turned into an animal, I guess the second coming is about dying and reincarnating as an animal - you and all your friends.

Track 2: 'Fight or Flight'
This is a song that we were working on that wasn't really happening until we played it with Tex (Keys) and it turned into this new freak-beat creature. We tried to stay aware of it not going too far down the 60s-groover path, trying to slot in references to our current social climate - the public seems to grow increasingly divided with terrorism, religion, war, etc. and the media doesn't help. Are you better off being ignorant or turning into a blabbering nervous wreck?

Track 3: 'Wildfire'
Luke recorded this song as a solo thing, but we always pass signs on the way to Melbourne while touring about 'Wildfire' which inspired Jez to write this chorus that just happened to fit with the already written parts and it was transformed into a Pinis song. In a way it was an anti-love song. All Jez's friends seemed to be falling head over heels in love and basically he's a pessimistic fuko.

Track 4: 'Slave'
This song ended up being pretty bare, we (Luke and Jez) worked on it together and everyone ended up being into the simplistic feel of it. It's written about kids/people who are basically victims of circumstance - people being eaten up and spat out. The faux-string sounds are made using a screwdriver.

Track 5: 'Tuff Luck'
This was written pretty much as a full band, we wanted something tough, but also somewhat droney - a bit kraut-rock inspired. From memory we were pretty bored of 'heavy' bands being too tame. We tried to take influences from back-to-basics rock and roll - repetitive pulsing beats to gyrate to - aggressive, blinding and loud.
Jez says 'maybe I went too big on the vocals but fuck ya'.

Track 6: 'I Wanna Know'
This is a slightly deformed and twisted love song. Jez wrote it about someone he was into at the time after a depressing dry-spell, they had total control over him and it's about the power-play of that. This is like the last song you play in a set - you're too weathered or drunk to play it properly, You've turned your amp up a little between each song up until now, when feedback just rings throughout and the song starts to fall apart as you play it until you're on the ground and everything's ruined.

Track 7: 'Mudman'
This is a rare time when one of our songs stays in its acoustic form - I think it's the only released Pinis song without drums. It's a bit of a heartbreaker - take from it what you will.

Track 8: 'Gimme Back'
This song came together quickly, I think the vocals were first take. It's got the feeling of a band that's been playing drunkenly in the back of some middle-of-nowhere pool-hall, a good chance to do classic good old dumb rock and roll. It's about people getting too immersed in some things and losing touch with themselves. Theres some country inspiration in this one too which fits well with the message in a way.

Track 9: Keep It Dark
This was the first song written for the album, originally recorded straight to cassette - we sped it up and it sounded much better in the new key/speed so we did it like that. Keith Richards writes in his book 'Life' that he always wanted to make a song titled 'Keep It Dark' but could never get it right, so we had a go at it. The sound of this was pretty inspired by 50s and 60s girl-groups - we even did a four part harmony.

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