Review: Pink Noise Generator at The Jade

Words by Tom Gaffney 

The Jade is a true unsung hero when it comes to Adelaide music. For as long as they've been around, every single show I've been to there has been full of good vibes. Even though it's tucked away on Flinders street, it always manages to have a hustle and bustle atmosphere, and tonight's EP launch show was no exception.

Up first were the incredible Syndicat, who only seem to come out of hibernation when they absolutely have to. When they do, though, the music they showcase is well worth seeing. Their performance was less of a traditional set, and more of a half-hour groove of upbeat trip hop and instrument-heavy electronic music.

The trio warmed the crowd up before main supports, Mackenzie, took to the stage. The quintet crowded up the Jade's stage, easing to the crowd into their brand of unique, female-driven indie pop. Their music was soulful, and they're the kind of band who'd only ever add to a lineup.

EP launches always have a special sensation that it's a wonderful celebration after months of difficulty, so it's only natural for the already energetic Pink Noise Generator to give a little bit more to the packed crowd. Frontman, Mat Vecchio, mesmerised the crowd with his active performance, showing that the stage he was on was his territory as he bounced around both on and off stage. It was clear that everyone in the crowd was having a great time, taking the space around them to dance to the music.

Pink Noise Generator have been around for a little bit of time now, and there's no doubt that they're giving more and more solid shows and edging into a really nice level of comfort on stage. If this show's anything to go by, then their latest EP 'Be Different' is going to be a release packed full of nifty jams.