Review: Wanderers 'Something for a Distraction' EP Launch @ Jive

On the final pitstop of their Australian tour, Wanderers gifted their hometown a gorgeous night of infections songwriting, stunning vocals and effortless cool. Alongside, fellow locals The Winter Gypßy and Ryan Martin John were less support acts and more vital counterparts.  

I'd never listened to Ryan Martin John and his band, and, ready to experience something new, they quickly whisked me away into a world of folk-rock with undeniable calm and charm. Delicate songs and harmonies that shame the gates of heaven, Ryan Martin John's music is the perfect morning soundtrack best enjoyed over a hot beverage, and the luxury to just sit and be. Luckily for you (and me), Ryan dropped his new EP Solar earlier this year. Through the power of BandCamp you can fill your mornings with his relaxing vibes that bring to mind the laid back nature of Angus Stone, blended with the class of My Morning Jacket

Then, The Winter Gypßy: the band that never fails to get me excited about a trumpet. These guys litter the stage with their expansive ensemble and instrumentation, creating a layered, diverse and textually interesting set. I completely adored how The Winter Gypßy take you from a content state of tranquility, backed by pure vocals, light guitar and smooth keys, then without hesitation throw you into a wall of sound. The synth and trumpet (and occasional uproar from a gritty guitar) melded with their roots-y tunes, giving their set the dynamic diversity of Neutral Milk Hotel's record, In The Airplane Over The Sea.


You would have to try real hard to not have fun at a Wanderers gig; their music evokes an uncontrollable bop, a nod, a stomp, with their easily palatable blend of blues, folk and pop. A tried and tested combination of genres, what sets Wanderers at the head of the pack is their skillful and consistently sound songwriting.

Nothing lacks with these guys: the riffs are catchy, the hooks are fierce, the lyrics are intelligent and honest. It's clear that the Wanderers have been on the circuit a while. They look composed, stylish, and at home on the stage creating sincere connections with the audience. Even in the face of adversity, as there were some technical issues during their set, it was easy to forget that things didn't go exactly as planned—the issues were dealt with professional nonchalant banter (personal favourite of the night: 'we're the sober wanderers', a reference to their recent name change).

Dusty, front man, said that something always seems to go wrong at the big gigs (so true), but in my mind, their ability to take it all in their stride was just another notch in the belt of this tight Adelaidean act. By the end of the set, was there a body in that room that wasn't having a groove? No. Happiness was radiating from all directions standing in that crowd.  

Wanderers' Something For A Distraction EP is live and ready to be loved now. Go!