Artist call out: ZQ's Zineswap 6

Words by Samuel McDonough

 Graphic design by   Jordan Tucker

Graphic design by Jordan Tucker

Founded and curated by the inimitable Zombie Queen, Zineswap will be entering its sixth incarnation on 10 August later this year. Its momentum is undeniable, with every instalment requiring a larger venue than the last. This next episode, presented as part of the SALA festival, will continue that momentum. Having graced the spaces of Ancient World, Producer’s and Nexus Arts previously, the event in August will be the biggest yet and hosted between ACE Open and Fowler's Live just off the Western end of North Terrace in the Lion Arts Centre, and is expected to have over 50 contributors.

Imagine an artist’s career as a separate living entity to that of the artist. One that requires love, attention and care from its governing parental artist. One that, if the artist is dedicated and diligent and perhaps a little lucky, will grow, learn and change, and upon maturation have a powerful influence over the lives of many. One that might reach lofty heights that, at the career’s birth, the artist might well have only imagined in their most private moments of egoism.

If an artistic career is a separate living entity, then Zineswap is a maternity ward filled with dozens upon dozens of newborns, and all the squealing, excitement and energy of youth.

It is an opportunity to see artists of all different persuasions boiling an idea down to a small, affordable, collectable product. No two zines are the same, in fact most aren’t even similar. I have seen lo-fi photos of the photographic development process, commentary on 90’s culture, a collection of weak attempts by men to pick up on tinder, the philosophy of sustainable design, and a study of plants. The breadth of subject matter covered in this one event is staggering and the atmosphere contagious. Live music and booze provide just the right kind of ambience for artistic exchange.

It’s called Zineswap because the various makers are encouraged to trade their wares with one another, and so coming up with a zine and participating is an excellent way to come home with a great number of fascinating works. If however, you are more of a collector than a maker, all works will be for sale, capped at a safe $10. And please! Pick them up and leaf through them! The artists won’t bite and actively encourage people to thumb through their works as intimidating as it can be to have them just there on the other side of the table.

Come, and there’s a fair chance you might be a part of the next one.

Applications for Zineswap 6 should be sent to (closing June 30) 
Please attach a blurb about yourself, your work, and why you’re interested in zines.
For any queries, go here