Review: Morbid Curiosities at Peanut Gallery

Words by Lucy Regter
Photos by Roseanne May

Ceramic sculptures by Emma Sullivan

Ceramic sculptures by Emma Sullivan

Artists: Fruzsi Kenez (ADL), Rotten Fantom (RUS), Fiona Roberts (ADL), Ally Burke (USA), Tessa Hancock (ADL), Parker Lyas (ADL), Dasha Pliska (UKR), Emma Sullivan (ADL). Curated by Fruzsi Kenez.

It’s darkness, it's allure, it’s guts and it's beauty. The Morbid Curiosities Exhibition at Peanut Gallery opened last Friday night and boasted a line-up of eight local and international artists, each offering an insight into a world less charted. While a lot of the works in this exhibition at first appear abrasive, there’s an underlying elegance and femininity, re-constructing our impression of surface-value beauty in art.

The exhibition features returning artist Emma Sullivan (ADL) with bubble-gum pop-art, gothic dot work pieces from duo Rotten Fantom (RUS), macabre graphite illustrations by Dasha Pliska (UKR) and four original pieces of ‘cosmic weirdness’ by Ally Burke (USA).  More local talent included an acrylic portrait by tattooist/artist Tess Hancock, warped mixed media pieces from Fiona Roberts and a collection of gold-tinged, sharp-edged ceramics from gallery curator Fruzsi Kenez.

Exploring the bizarre exhibition that spilt onto the floor as well as the walls was accompanied by the low hum of Parker Lyas’ tattoo gun, inking a handful of art-lovers with original designs by Kenez. If off-beat, enchanting and challenging art is your thing (or even if it's not, try something new?) then Morbid Curiosities isn't to be missed.

Morbid Curiosities will be open at Peanut Gallery from Wednesday to Sunday till June 11th.

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