Premiere: Hunt - Nostalgia EP

Words by Paul Maland
Photos by Brittany Hunt

Yewth is proud to present an exclusive premiere of electronic, soul-pop artist Hunt's third EP Nostalgia for your streaming pleasure. 

Hunt somewhat mysteriously appeared in late August 2014 with her stunning debut Hollow. Hunt has delivered some stellar live performances supporting Flamingo, Banoffee, Skies, Moses Gun Collective, Jesse Davidson, The Kite String Tangle, PACESGeorge Maple, Asta and The Preatures. 2015 saw her nominated for best female artist as part of the SA Music Awards alongside artists such as Tkay Maidza.

Hunt has now released her third EP, Nostalgia...

Nostalgia — “A deep desire for sentimental longing and wistful affection, evoking feelings of the past.”  

"The last year has been moving. People, places, and smells were all reminding me of childhood memories and my teenage years. Things I had purposely forgotten. I had to deal with things that I hadn't dealt with, so that I could deal with my future," Hunt says of her latest 5-track work. 

"I started writing Nostalgia as a three track EP, but I was learning and evolving quickly. I was exploring my skills in production, and as the writing progressed, so did my style. I wanted these tracks to be organic in their nature, but also showcase how my production has evolved over the past year," she says.

"It took a long time to finish, because I was still learning as I was going. I started writing the first three tracks, and was in a pretty dark place, but as time progressed, you can hear me healing," 

"I began listening to such a diverse range of music, and became very influenced by live music and getting lost in fogs at festivals. I wanted listeners to feel as though they were somewhere completely out of this world, so I experimented a lot in the soundscape," she says. 

"I wanted the lyrics to be haunting, and wrote pages of poetry until I was happy with the imagery. Ultimately, I wanted the listener to feel exactly what I was feeling at the time of writing each track, but still wanted to leave room for interpretation," 

"I was lucky to get in the John Reynolds studio with Luke Vickery to record the vocals on 'Waves to Sleep in' and 'Heart, on loan'. The other tracks, I recorded the vocals in my bedroom studio (you can tell). Luke had the best energy in the studio, and honestly I've never felt so comfortable recording vocals before. Klaus Hill mixed and mastered the EP. He mastered my Empire EP, and I knew that he would do a insane job and nail the style I was going for," Hunt explains.

"If you listen to this EP in a particular order, you can hear me go from a deep depressive state to falling in love—pretty gnarly journey. I feel pretty sentimental with every track. The production isn't perfect, but I've learned a lot, and know that this is the best I can do at this point in my career. I'm pretty excited to show you guys what else I've been working on," she says. 

Track by Track

Track 1: Waves To Sleep In
"'Waves To Sleep In' is about feeling human intimacy. I carry this one close to my chest, and actually wrote the lyrics about four years ago. It's dark, because at that point in my life, so was human intimacy. It's about the importance of physical connection, and how powerful it truly is," she explains. 

Track 2: Silhouettes
"'Silhouettes' is about listening to the younger me. Ultimately, this is where the idea of Nostalgia came from. I could feel myself coming back to life, and needed to reconnect with that blonde-ringlet-rat-bag kid in order to feel human,"  

Track 3: New Dreamer
"I wrote 'New Dreamer' after I came back from a music festival last November. I pretty much had the whole tune down the next day, and managed to write the whole thing while recovering in bed.  It's one of those tunes you can dance, sleep or cry to. I've never written a song like that, and I think that's why it's so special for me," Hunt says.

"It was the fourth song i had written (unintentionally) for the EP, and that's when the mood flipped. The song wrote itself. My mate, Murray Barker, came over and had a listen to the tune a few days later and started playing some slick guitar licks, so we quickly recorded them, and that's when the track came to life," 

Track 4: Heart, on loan
"'Heart, on loan'... definitely the saddest song in the EP. It's about loaning out your heart to someone you love, and drinking to distract yourself from it. We've all done it, and if you haven't, you probably haven't lived—not condoning it, but just saying, it's good to be vulnerable. This one's for all of the addictive personalities out there. I have a heaps addictive personality, and used to think that made me weak, but it doesn't at all," Hunt says. 

Track 5: Mindless
"'Mindless' was the last track I wrote. I was the happiest I have been since childhood, and for the first time since then, I didn't need to think to be happy, because i just was. It's about feeling human again after being wrapped up in the world's bullshit for so long, and feeling the simple feelings that are ultimately the last ones standing after the world's influences corrupt all natural human instinct," she says. 


You can catch Hunt performing her Nostalgia EP and more live at Rocket Bar supported by Strangway and Druid Fluids on the 9th of June.
For details, stay tuned to Hunt's Facebook.

Listen on Soundcloud here.