Q&A: Feki on music, artistry and Pringles

Words by Reidy

Photo : Sky-Tsu

Photo : Sky-Tsu

If you’re into all things Future/Bass music, then chances are you’ve already heard the name thrown around a bit over the last two years; it’s safe to say that there’s a lot of hype around this guy right now!

Brisbane producer Feki has truly been going from strength to strength building a solid discography of originals and remixing the likes of Paces, Dom Dolla and Vallis Alps (just to name a few). To cap it off, he’s topped the Hype Machine charts, clocked millions of plays across Soundcloud and Spotify, and even scored triple j rotation with tunes like ‘You Got Me’.

With the announcement of Fat Controller Loves Bacon Vol.2, we decided to catch up with the man himself to talk all things music, artistry and Pringles… Yep, you read that right.

Photo: Benjamin Andrew Visuals

Photo: Benjamin Andrew Visuals

Reidy: Hey Feki! How’s things man? What have you been up to?

Feki: Yeah good! Just spent the last week in Melbourne supporting Snakehips and working hard in the studio trying to pump out a new single by June.

You were in Adelaide not too long ago actually, playing at Cats on Easter Thursday. How did that go down?

It went really well actually! I’d never played in Adelaide before, so I was a bit nervous and curious to see how those kids would get down and respond to my music. It was a really cool vibe though!

As you mentioned before, you’re currently touring with Snakehips. How’s that been so far?

The shows have been really good. The crowd that Snakehips pull is one of the best crowds because everyone’s there to have a good time and is there for the music. The Brisbane show was awesome and they showed mad love for a hometown show! The Snakehips boys have even been playing my latest single, ‘Run Away’, on the tour and at their Groovin The Moo shows which has been awesome to see too.

I was just about to ask about that! What’s been the response so far on the new single?

It’s been pretty awesome! Everyone’s been vibing it, which is great because I was actually a bit nervous when I released it. It’s such a different energy to what I usually release as it’s much more upbeat and hype as opposed to my more chilled out stuff. I play it at my shows and people go off, so that’s been great to see.

Has that been the case with the Snakehips shows as well? Have people responded well to your sets?

Definitely! It really makes the shows a lot more enjoyable when you play your own music and everyone’s vibing it. The next two shows are in Sydney next week and I think one of them has sold out, so it’ll be cool to see how they go.

You’re coming back to Adelaide as a part of the newly announced Fat Controller Loves Bacon Vol.2 warehouse show alongside Kilter and ALTA. What can people expect from your set?

It’s going to be awesome on the back of this Snakehips tour! I love Kilter’s music too, so it should be a great show. I use an Akai APC40 to trigger my tracks, so my sets are definitely structured depending on who I’m supporting and where I’m playing. There are still times where I’m playing and I’ll make changes on the go, but you can definitely expect to hear a lot of my own music and a lot of my own personal edits. I’ve got edits of the Black Eyed Peas, Childish Gambino, Tkay Maidza and a heap of others that people will be familiar with, but they’re made for the clubs and my sets.

That’s so cool! What’s your process normally like when you jump in the studio to make your music?

I’m pretty straightforward to be honest. If I have a day that I’ve set to make music, I usually just sit down with a Piano VST loaded up and muck around with some chords. I’m all about the work ethic, churning out a lot of music to hopefully get to the good stuff, throwing out all the bad ideas along the way. I might not have ever gotten to that one good idea if I didn’t get rid of those 5 or 6 bad ideas beforehand.

Very true! What would you say you gain inspiration from then? What inspires your music?

Right now I’m listening to a lot of Snakehips, Odesza and Jai Wolf. In a way, I’m sort of analysing their music to try and gather something from it. Other times, I’ll be walking around the shops and I might hear a sound that just makes me want to go home and make music.

Have you got any other tunes coming up that you can talk about? Any upcoming collaborations maybe?

I can’t give too much away in terms of future collabs sadly, but there are some in the works. The main focus for me right now is finishing this single that I’m trying to release by June/July, and then hopefully bring out another single later in the year. It’ll ultimately be a part of an EP that I’ve been working on for a long time. I kinda wanted to do as much of it as I can by myself, but I’ll definitely have a few vocalists on the EP.

I had a bit of a suss of your socials beforehand and I noticed a bit to do with Pringles. What’s going on there?

Haha! Man, I love Pringles! I put up a post before my Brisbane show saying, “This many likes and I’ll shout the club Pringles” not thinking anything of it. It ended up getting way more likes than I expected, and I’m a man of my word too, so I bought like 120 cans of Pringles to hand out to everyone before my set. It was pretty funny, but not so good for the bank!

You should see if you can do what Benson did and get a hook up with KFC, or if you were to ever do a meet and greet competition, you could shout the winner Pringles!

Now that’s an idea! I haven’t actually reached out to them, but it’d be pretty funny if I could get an actual sponsorship.

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