Premiere: Burnside Mums — 'Drive Out Of Town' / 'The World Around Us'

Words by Paul Maland
Photos by Mariah Anzil


Yewth is proud to present the debut studio release from Adelaide's own Burnside Mums.

A double release centred around anguish, anxiety, and frustration with everyday life, 'Drive Out Of Town' and 'The World Around Us' tackle themes of growing up, staying old, and coming to terms with living in an un-ideal world.

"'Drive Out of Town' came to me after a couple of twilight drives down the north-south motorway, simply for the sake of it. The idea, that there was nothing holding me from simply not stopping, and leaving whatever concerns and worries that I had behind, was alluring," says Jason Katsaras of the track's lyrical inspiration.

"On top of this, the idea of leaving with someone who had a similar feeling, it helped build a narrative in my mind of escapism. I've always felt pretty safe and relaxed on the road — something about long drives has always been a really reflective and relaxing experience for me, 

"I figure if you're driving, you're always moving forward somehow, towards something; I dunno, it feels purposeful, even if you feel aimless," Jason says.

"The world around us is really just a bit of a vent, like, after thinking of the chords and way we wanted it to sound, I just thought back to a lot of bullshit that's happened not only in the world, but right here in Adelaide," he says.

"I don't want to get real political, but I reckon we all find the state of the world un-ideal. As a kid, I remember thinking that everything politically and socially was gradually getting better, but I'm not so sure any more,

"Experiences with co workers being unfairly treated because of their gender, the current geopolitical situation, and becoming disillusioned with modern society all contributed to this pretty negative outlook on the world," Jason says. 

Both tracks of the double release were recorded and mixed at GhostNote Studios by Colby Robertson.

"From a production perspective, we were oblivious, and didn’t have a clear vision. I found that this actually helped us, as it allowed Colby to really guide us and provide advice," says Christian Andreotti.

"In the end, we were able to mix and match our influences and sounds, with elements of punk, dad-rock, Aus-rock, and even a bit of shoe-gaze with the descending scales in 'Drive Out Of Town'. It was an absolute dream working at Capital Sounds (now Ghostnote),” he said. 

'Drive Out Of Town' / 'The World Around Us' is out now via Swirl Records. You can cop it on Bandcamp, or catch Burnside Mums live with the help of SIAMESESt. Morris SinnersJ.D Gunslinger and Goon Wizarrd at The Edinburgh Castle on July 1.