Kilter chats debut album, new live set and toasties

Words by Callum Reid

After two solid years of writing, recording and touring, Australian electronic producer Kilter has unveiled his debut album Through The Distortion. We caught up with the man himself to chat about the LP and his upcoming parties. 

Yewth: Things are shaping up to be pretty busy for you right now! What have you been up to these last few weeks though? Do you even get any down time at the moment?

Kilter: These last few months have been super hectic. I got back from touring the states a few weeks ago and have mostly been recovering from that, making sure everything is ready for the album and album tour. I snuck away down the south coast to go off grid for a few days this week which was nice.

You've just dropped your forthcoming album titled Through The Distortion - how long has this been in the works for, and what influenced your decision to make it?

Super hyped to finally put it out. Most of the writing is from the last year and half, but some of the songs date back to even older demos. I was writing a lot of music, stuff that was radio friendly and stuff that was weirder. An album gives you the opportunity to showcase this breadth in a way that singles and EPs don’t.

What can people hear on the new album? Any new tunes, cool collabs, or maybe a new direction for you as an artist?

Heaps of new tunes and cool collabs for sure! As far as direction goes, I feel that my sound has really sharpened since my last EP. In hindsight a lot of that old stuff seems pretty one-dimensional. I put a lot of time into experimenting with new textures and sounds and finding my own voice as an artist, which I think lead to a darker, crunchier and more manic tone in my music.

On the back of releasing this album, you've got a huge national tour on the way. What can people expect from your sets on this tour?

I’ve had a lot of fun these last few weeks working heaps of the new material into the show and finding different ways to play the older stuff. Show wise I’ll have lots of friends jumping up with me and a brand new lighting show that I can’t wait to unleash.

One of the shows sees you playing here in Adelaide at the Fat Controller Loves Bacon Vol.2 warehouse show. Got anything special planned?

The last two times I’ve played down in Adelaide the shows have been pretty wild. I was in town when Hayden James played his warehouse show and it was so dope. I’m really looking forward to playing in such an interesting space.

What gear do you normally use when you're performing, and how much of the show is pre-programmed?

It’s getting to the point now that I will need to grow extra limbs before I can add any more gear up there. I use a Roland SP-404sx sampler, SPD-s drum sampler, Microkorg, Nord Electro 5 and a whole stack of live percussion. I try to pre-program as little possible but at the same I am definitely more focused on performing parts that let me be expressive and improvise rather than getting stuck sequencing every little aspect of the song.

I recently interviewed Feki (who's supporting you on this tour). What brought upon the decision to have him and ALTA on support duties?

He’s a legend! One of the nicest guys out there so I was stoked when he put his hand up to support. And ALTA are a relatively new discovery for me but a group that I’ve gotten really into and have heaps of respect for their artistic process. I also wanted to make sure the music flowed nicely across the night, the three of us compliment each other nicely for maximum vibe.

Feki also mentioned that he's a massive fan of Pringles, even going so far as to provide them for free at one of his shows. What's your biggest guilty pleasure when you're on tour?

I saw that! I wasn’t going to bring it up though because Pringles are actually the real reason I got him on support. I’m hoping he hooks us up with the goods.

As far as guilty pleasures go on tour, I’ve come to live for the airport lounge toasties before every flight. I’ve been touring for a few years now and so the toasties are getting more and more creative. On my last show here a few months ago we broke some serious ground by discovering how good pineapple and salt & vinegar crisps can be in a cheese toastie.

What other artists are you really vibing at the moment? Anyone to keep an eye on in the future?

Tim my guitarist just launched his own project called Timi Temple. He’s come leaps and bounds as a producer the last year and is definitely worth checking out.

I’m also super keen for the new Mura Masa album and everything Karma Kid is doing right now.

Once this next tour is done, where to from here? What's the next step for you?

The rest of the year is all about getting the album in as many ears as possible. I’m doing some festivals, and also looking to get back overseas for some exciting things. I thought I would be a little bit burnt out after finally finishing the album but I actually feel the opposite - so it’s back into the studio too!

Kilter's debut album Through The Distortion is out now on etcetc & available HERE.

Catch Kilter with Feki and ALTA at FCLB VOL. 2 HERE.