Premiere: Superdose Gangway - 'Nothing Gold'

Words by Paul Maland
Photos by Bree Yeomans
Illustrations by Pia Gynell-Jörgensen


Yewth is excited to exclusively premiere the latest single from Superdose Gangway.

'Nothing Gold' is the first taste of the band's upcoming Temple Bay EP. Featuring twinkly, Midwest-emo-inspired guitars and the band's trademark frantic energy, the new single deals with the surprising downside of being happy with what you've got.

Max says of the song: "Liam and I are both in excellent relationships with great people. We realised that this sort of stability breeds a sense of anxiety, because you don't want it to end. This song is really a plea — maybe this good thing doesn't have to end?" 

Superdose Gangway began in late 2015 as a first-time collaboration between long-time friends Max Tulysewski and Liam Gare, formed as the result of a shared love of emo revivalists The Hotelier, Into It. Over It. and Tiny Moving Parts. In 2016, Superdose Gangway embarked on a project called twenty-six songs in twenty-sixteen which saw them composing, recording and releasing a new song every fortnight.

Upon completion, the band released a best-of mix-tape titled Monsoon Season through U.S. label Old Press Records. Since then, with the addition of a new member, and the announcement of their upcoming debut EP, Temple Bay, the quintet have no intentions of slowing down.

Of their plans, Liam says “It feels good to be writing music with the intention of performing it live. This is something that was missing during our 26 song project. We're really enjoying having more time to craft our songs. Having such talented friends in the band with us doesn't hurt either."

You can hear Superdose Gangway play at the Grace Emily on June 11th; keep up to date with them on Facebook.

Find the track on Bandcamp and YouTube.