New direction for West Thebarton

Words by Caleb Sweeting
Photos by Dave Court

If you saw West Thebarton Brothel Party play on the weekend you would’ve noticed a new member at the helm of the drum kit – Caitlin Thomas. Filling the shoes of Hugh Black, Thomas' debut bought the heat, maintaining the bands high energy presence.

Today their Facebook page changed from West Thebarton Brothel Party, to simply West Thebarton. It’s a decision that the band hasn’t taken lightly, and is a natural progression on embracing change and growing from the band they were to the band they can be.

“We’ve grown up, changed shape and moved on,” says frontman Ray Dalfsen, of their new direction.

In Adelaide we get very personal about things changing; things like Farmers Union Iced Coffee talking about changing their label just doesn’t sit right with South Australians. But, a name change doesn’t mean the end – the party is still raging on – harder and louder than ever for the seven-headed garage-rock hydra.

"When you grow up, you grow up. It feels strange to see so many new, scary, weird things all happen at once, but we're all super excited to see where this band is going to take us."

As well as a new name they’ve signed with artist management company, Fidelity Corp and joined the family at X-Ray Touring, a UK booking agency (not bad for an Adelaide rock outfit).

Just like Christmas morning, that’s not the only surprise from West Thebarton – they’ve also announced a one-off Sydney show at the Lansdowne Hotel this July 14, which the band is looking forward to.

"Sydney is our home away from home. Best friends have moved there and crowds have always taken to the band with open arms. On the Moving Out tour, we had the best fucking time, so naturally, when the Lansdowne show came up, we wanted to get back there. Trying to sort more shows in other cities too. Can't fucking wait."

Look out for our in-depth interview with West Thebarton in issue 009 of Yewth, out this Friday.

Friday 14 July - The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney