Cheeky sneak peek: Jake Holmes - IT’S COMPLICATED at FELTspace

Words by Gabriella McVeigh

Jake Holmes is a paternal figure in the Adelaide art scene. If you aren’t familiar with Jake, you’ve probably seen his work around. He is the co-founder of printmaking institution and studio, Tooth and Nail, he trades stick and poke tattoos for lunches and stories, makes incredible autobiographical zines and comics, keeps a keen eye on politics, often throwing up posters and murals overnight. All while supporting his community of makers to keep doing the cool things. The latest cool thing Jake has done is singlehandedly create It’s Complicated, a fully immersive installation in FELTspace’s back room, often host to some of the more weird and wonderful parts of the FELTspace programming.

Last week in the Tooth and Nail studios, Jake was sitting in my sightline wearing what looked like paper 3-D glasses. He was squinting through the glasses, alternating between two different works, before changing glasses and looking at them again.

It’s Complicated explores the idea of how we process ideas and information. Upon entering the space you will choose a pair of glasses. The installation uses additive and subtractive colour theory, so that you can only see part of the work at any given time. Your point of view has been set by the choice of glasses. Every other person in the room will be viewing the same work, yet only seeing another part of the installation – neither one being able to see the work holistically.

We can only understand the world according to our own lived experiences, which is a limitation in itself, It’s Complicated allows us to break down a range of perspectives and view them separately, only combining them in our minds. Consider each pair of glasses, each wall as it is, each wall on its own, and the room as a whole. Though Jake is primarily a printmaker, he has stripped this concept right back to a more compelling and thoughtful presentation of the idea.

It’s Complicated needs to be seen, but which version will you choose to see?

Follow Jake on instagram: @jaketoothandnail


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