Premiere: Allume releases 'PSA' for Healthy Tapes Vol. I

Words by Freya Langley
Photo by Jonno Revanche

Adelaide’s Elena Nees aka Allume has had a busy six months. In that time, she’s released her debut EP, Why Move Very Fast At All, and been the go-to local support for some of the biggest bands in the country. Now, she’s back with her new single, PSA, for release on Healthy Tapes’ Vol 1. The single is an expansion of her EP -  a deeply intimate, delicate, and unassuming tune, embodying ideas about the distracting nature of weed. The song encompasses complex layers of reverb, and angelic, soothing vocals to deliver her signature brand of slo-fi. The track is distracting and cloudy - as per Elena’s mood when she wrote it. "I was just feeling like a cloudy, disembodied head one day, sat down to make the simplest melody and these are the words that came out.”

Have a listen to the magnificently mellow track below.

Healthy Tapes - Vol. 1 is a unique compilation of unreleased music. All proceeds from the compilation will be donated to RISE - the only refugee and asylum seeker organisation run by refugees and ex-detainees themselves. Allume features alongside the likes of Stella Donnelly, YeoCulte, Lauren Abineri, Take Your Time and The Atlas Room on Vol. 1. 


Pre-order the limited edition turquoise tapes, with artwork by Matthew Gorgula via Healthy Tapes.  Healthy Tapes - Vol. 1 is out on cassette and via all the usual digital platform suspects on June 30th.