Faint One's debut album 'Actualisations' is here

Words by Oliver Marshall
Photos by Daniel Marks
Artwork by Fortrose

Local Adelaide DJ/producer Faint One has just released his debut album Actualisations.

Paul Griffin, AKA Faint One, has been around the local electronic and hip-hop music scenes for a while, and is known as one of Adelaide's best DJs. Paul says he's really excited to be releasing the album, which showcases his different styles as a musician.

"I’ve been trying to find an identity for my sound in the last couple of years and I think making an album solidifies that. The album is definitely a mix of genres and what I'm playing out at the moment, and have been for the last few years," Griffin said.

Paul has been posting some background info about one new song a week in the lead up to the album release, along with artwork by Fortrose.

"The artist behind it, Fortrose, and I kind of talk about it a lot - a way to push the album differently. I really wanted him to be behind the artwork. So we decided to get all our ideas to come together to form the actual album cover per track."

It’s a unique idea that has clearly been well received on social media along with the support behind his first single, 'Lost' featuring Billie McCarthy, which has received heaps of airplay on Fresh 92.7.

“It was a really big surprise [the popularity], I just wanted to release this music as more of a statement to what I'm going to be doing now and in the future more than anything else, but for that to gain so much traction on radio is pretty crazy.”

Faint One has garnered a huge reputation for being a DJ, but he is weary of being considered just a DJ, and is excited for the new album to show his wide range of musical talents. Being able to produce your own songs is all part of being a DJ now, and one doesn’t discount the other.

"I think these days especially theres not many touring DJ’s, just touring off being a good DJ. It was different 20 years ago, but now you kind of have to have that product to go along with it.”

The album features a lot of local talent including artists such as Hunt and Billie McCarthy, but there’s also a feature with a singer from further afield.

"There’s a track with a guy I met in Philly [ZeekBurse]… I was travelling in the US about a year and a half ago and the Philly scene is really cool so I linked up with a few producers over there and about 6 months later I hit him up with this track and he was game."

"Getting to travel is probably the thing that affects my music the most, it gives me that drive to keep producing different songs and genres.”

Listen and download Faint One’s debut album here.

Catch his album launch this Friday the 16th of June at Cats (of course!), event here.