Premiere: The Oh Balters — 'Maniac'

Words by Paul Maland
Photos via The Oh Balters


Adelaide alumni The Oh Balters have just dropped their debut single, 'Maniac', premiering exclusively on Yewth.

Check out and review the track on triple j Unearthed here

"The song is an old one that we've been playing live for a while now and gotten some of our best crowd responses from. It’s a simple song written about having your words taken out of context, twisted, and shared to the world in a manner that feels like you’re being stabbed in the back," vocalist and guitarist Charlie Lange says. 

"It’s a reflection of the nature of many people to use and hurt others to climb up some sort of social hierarchy, while the protagonist is left to 'look like a cold old maniac'," he says. 

Albert O’Loughlin (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Charlie Lange (vocals, guitar,harmonica), Patrick Kavanagh (bass, vocals) and Chris Redden (drums) formed The Oh Balters in early 2016 after separating from different musical ventures.

From an early age, Albert and Charlie learned to play the guitar together in their hometown of Alice Springs. Two supporters, Patrick Kavanagh, who at the time was playing in his own band The Footknuckles, and Chris Redden, who spent a year after school in Alice Springs and supported Charlie and Albert on the drums from time to time, helped solidify the lineup of the four piece.

Albert, Chris and Charlie relocated to Adelaide for the burgeoning live music scene, and Patrick soon followed after The Footknuckles broke up. 

"Though we have just moved to Melbourne, we have had most of our time as a band in Adelaide and have built up our biggest following there, hence we think its in our best interest to release through our favourite music and youth magazine," Charlie says. 

'Maniac' is available now. You can also check them out on triple j Unearthed at