Trash Talk Exhibition

Words by Freya Langley

Trash Talk is a SALA exhibition and celebration of delinquent art, opening at Jack Ruby this Wednesday. It’s a collaboration between young, up-and-coming artists, who love producing gritty, unconventional, and personal works - and who aren’t going to have any art snobs tell them their work isn’t valid.

The exhibition and collaboration is the brainchild of ANGUTS, aka Angus Smith, a local graphic designer and digital illustrator, whose work focuses predominantly on character design. Inspired by a piece of GERALD ART aka Oliver Reutens’  work at a New Year’s Eve party, Trash Talk is about not conforming to traditional artistic standards and unashamedly creating the works they artists want to create.

“Trash Talk is about doing work that you love rather than conforming to the standard some traditional artists have. I was often told during high school that it was imperative to learn the importance of perspective and anatomy before I developed my character based style, otherwise my art would suffer greatly. I started to ignore unconstructive criticism of my work and I found myself inspired to do art I enjoyed; rather than what is standard in the industry,” says Angus

Trash Talk features the vivid, high-energy illustrations of Meg Bielby. She predominantly uses pens and markers to create thoughtful, colourful and intricately detailed pieces. Oliver Reutens, an emerging artist, who specialises in abstract art also features in the trio. He uses rustic textures, pieces of scrap wood he finds on hikes and paint to produce compelling arrangements of shape. Angus’ colourful, personality-loaded and intriguing digital artwork features alongside Meg and Oliver’s work.

Like any trash event, “a tonne of red tins and wine” will be flowing on opening night at Jack Ruby. There’ll be limited edition Trash Talk tees and pins for sale, and Kelly and Beau from Black Diamond Tattoo in Port Adelaide doing live tattooing for a few hours on the night.

Trash Talk opens at Jack Ruby this Wednesday, 2nd August and runs until the 30th of August as part of the SALA festival. Keep your eyes peeled for more details via the Facebook event.