Watch Joy & Sparks' brooding new music video 'Waiting'

Words by Paul Maland

Joy & Sparks and video directors Mitch Tuul and Hugh Martin have teamed up for Joy's latest video and single, 'Waiting'. 

'Waiting' is a brooding work featuring Joy's signature ethereal vocals and a wealth of textured glitch percussion atop pads. The video, including Heath Dalziel on lights, Bryan Carman on body and Brittany Winton Read on makeup, fits the song like a glove with slick understated editing and alluring visuals.

"When strangers meet with open minds and open hearts, sometimes the waiting stops," Joy & Sparks said of her new track. 

"[Waiting] is a new song I wrote shortly after meeting Directors Mitchel Tuul & Hugh Martin. [It's] inspired by love, or the wanting there of, and the openness of two strangers whom now I call my loves," she said. 

'Waiting' is the latest release from Adelaide's Joy & Sparks, who is now based in Melbourne, Keep an eye out for more from her here.