The Babe Rainbow on writing, recording and their debut Adelaide show

Words by Oliver Marshall

Byron bay Psychedelic rockers, The Babe Rainbow are back with their long awaited, self-titled, debut album and about to head off on a huge national tour. The lads unmistakeable brand of 60's throwback psychadelica is on full display here along with elements of disco and classic surf folk being chucked in for good measure.

The making of their album has been a long, "all over the place", journey. Lead singer, Angus Darling was happy to finally get the record out and share it with fans. 

“We were trying to make a soundtrack to our friend's surf movie. We were driving around New Zealand, half of those songs were originally instrumentals and then we started singing together and then some of them are from Paris.”

In previous releases, The Babe Rainbow’s songs have been recorded in a studio tucked away in a book shop. Located above a bank, with rugs on the wall as soundproofing,  the makeshift studio only made a small appearance on the album this time.

“We did a little bit in a bookstore but then the bookstore sort of ended because the dream had passed and the NAB Bank kicked us out of there but we did some of it in this kind of artist squat in Paris.” 

The remainder was recorded on a farm just outside of Byron Bay. A beautifully fitting place, given the time Jack and Angus have spent working on the farm together. Having just finished touring in the US, farmwork has been on the back burner- but the combination of this and their music is a good mix for them.

“We’ve been playing lots lately so we haven’t been working much but we just got to let those sweet potatoes grow, they take a while so they [farming and music] go hand in hand. It's nice.”

Despite having only just released their self titled record via Flightless Records, the boys already have a new album in the works - for release sooner than you may expect.

“We’ve got a second album ready to go, we’re just mastering it now it should be out in September. I'm really excited about this next one”

The Babe rainbow are also garnering a reputation for their laid-back, 60’s style video clips. Their videos for their latest tunes 'Peace Blossom Boogy' and 'Losing Something' appear meticulously planned, but are much more of a natural process.


"We just have this one in particular, very bizzare friend ; a mad filthy New Zealander who makes videos. He's got these beautiful film cameras and is very into experimenting with them. So, he is just always carrying these around and shooting stuff.”

"Its not like we’re ever 'Oh we’re going to do this video clip' or anything, he's just got all this footage and then we’re like maybe we get this one song and are like 'Oh, we should put it to some of this footage" and he sort of gets it together into a way that seems planned. He’s so filthy though its mad.” Angus joked.

Just like their music, the way Jack and Angus met isn't exactly run of the mill, they were part of the Australian Youth Choir that appeared in the dessert for The I still Call Australia home Qantas 1998 advertising campaign.

“He [Jack] isn’t actually in the ad. I’m the only one who make an appearance. We were both there but we never met before we just met at the filming.” he laughed 

From innocent choir beginnings to taking Australia by storm with their psych rock, the boys are about to embark on a massive national tour -  including their very first stop over to Adelaide. With a show booked in at the Exeter, the band are super keen to get over here, except aren’t quite sure what to expect.

“Adelaide! We’re stoked we cant wait to come, none of us have ever been to Adelaide but we have this one friend who has this really kooky girlfriend, the only person I know from Adelaide and she is so strange but she’s lovely."

That pretty much describes Adelaide doesn’t it? A little weird but really lovely.6u'[bm n

You can catch The Babe Rainbow for their debut Adelaide gig on Saturday 5th August in The Exeter Beer Garden with special guests Somniun