Review: Major Leagues at Rocket Bar

Words by Gabriella McVeigh
Photos by Daniel Marks

“If you wait, good love is on the way."

Last Friday night Major Leagues brought indie rock back to the Rocket stage, paired with two truly beautiful local bands.

Adelaide's Little Dust started off the night building quietly to an impressively full and compelling set. They introduced both a new drummer and a new bassist to their line-up, and it was easy to see why. The new members filled out their songs with a subtlety that balanced the heavier guitar. Although, at some points the vocals were lost, they always came back strong. Little Dust filled up my soul ready and excited for the rest of the evening.

Next up were Workhorse. A clear following already present in the crowd and a very well developed sound, I knew I needed to get closer to see this band play. Sometimes you hear something you did not realise you needed until it is already playing, and that is Workhorse. I could not stop smiling for their entire set. Self-described as playing ‘apocalypse tunes’, they were beachy and bluesy with soft drums and even a lap steel guitar. Their low harmonies and slow desert sounds saw me swaying as though being sung a lullaby to my grave. They are the band you need to play at the end of a showdown at noon or when you need shelter from a storm.

Finally, it was time for Major Leagues. After trying for many years to make it down from Brisbane, this was their first show in Adelaide; here on the first stop of their tour to play their debut album Good Love.  If I thought they would continue singing me into my reverie, I was wrong. Major Leagues are known for their dreamy tunes, but on stage they had all three front women—Anna, Vlada, and Jaimee—jumping around the stage and falling to their knees with more than one solid and skilful drum thrashing from Jake behind them. Playing mostly songs from the new album, they also included tracks from their earlier EPs 'Dream States' and ‘Weird Season’, finishing the set to crowd favourite, ‘Endless Drain’, and building up to an intense and impressive end for the night with ‘Feel’.

There is something soft and sweet about Major Leagues that cannot be fabricated; something that comes from true love between the bandmates and for others. Seeing them perform this new album was like watching someone you deeply care about from an airport window—both feeling the loss of them leaving and the excitement of their return home. Listening to it again now, it is like sitting in the morning frost and watching the sun rise waiting to see how warm the day will be.

If you are feeling raw and you need to feel hopeful, let Major Leagues lift your spirits and cushion your heart. For all our sakes, I hope they return to play many more shows here.

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