Runaway Moon: the Adelaide web-series you should be watching

Words by Paul Maland
Photos by Daniel Purvis


Runaway Moon is an online mini-series shot entirely on location in Adelaide, South Australia. The first episode was released free to view via YouTube on August 14.

The Runaway Moon team describe it as "a dark modern fairy tale, like a neon-lit Odyssey or a Lord of The Rings with street punks — it’s a new kind of web series that was filmed entirely in Adelaide."

"Runaway Moon is designed as a five-part, online mini-series with each episode rising to a cliff-hanger full of suspense that tells an over-all series-arc about friendship and resilience,"

"It’s the story of three misfits who collide one night over a box of stolen cash and have one night to get out of town. Set on the streets of Adelaide it shows this city like never before — as an inescapable warren controlled by the privileged few. It’s a stylistic female-driven narrative with bold characters, unique vision and a diverse cast," they say. 

It was created by and staring Hanna Gabriella, a Southbank Institute of Technology acting graduate and The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute New York student. It was written for the screen and directed by award-winning Australian Film, Television and Radio School graduate, Aaron Schuppan.

"We call it dirty beautiful. It's like a dream from the gutter. Colourful visuals and hazy, bleeding lights contrast with intentionally rough, handheld camerawork to portray the world through Moonie's eyes. [...] Our characters, down and out as they may be, ask no pity of us. By the stories end we will aspire to their qualities," the creative duo say.  

Runaway Moon is loosely based on Hanna's own experiences on the street as a teenager, which Yewth interviewed Hanna about early last year

Daniel Purvis runawaymoon2

The mini-series features an ensemble cast of producers, cinematographers, make-up and all sorts of other artists supporting the project who call South Australia home — up-and-coming talents such as Hanna Galbraith, Dee Easton, Rashidi Edward (Rabbit, F**king Adelaide) and risen stars Matthew Crook (One Eyed Girl, Danger 5) and Charles Mayer (ANZAC Girls, Deadline Gallipoli, Wastelander Panda) all play parts.

The series is backed up with a creative team of Aaron Schuppan as Writer & Director (Pale Blue Dot), Ashleigh Knott as Producer (Wolf Creek Series 2, F**king Adelaide), Director of Photography Liam Somerville (Capital Waste Pictures, The Worst Alien in the World), Nick Steele as Location Sound (Cargo, Girl Asleep, ANZAC Girls), and Leigh Kenyon as Post Audio (52 Tuesdays, Wastelander Panda).

It is also packed full of some incredible local music including God God Dammit Dammit, Abbey Howlett, How Green, Space Bong, Colibrium and more, listen to the soundtrack here.

The first episode of Runaway Moon is viewable now on their official YouTube channel. For more details, cast credits and merch, you can visit the official website