Premiere: Larsen — Weightless Again

Words & Photos by Paul Maland


Yewth is proud to exclusively premiere the debut album for Adelaide's own Larsen

It's been just shy of two years since I last sat down for a chat with Larsen, and the group have been hard at work leading them up to today's release. 

"We’ve kind’ve learned how to play music. We have recorded an album—full length—that’s basically it," Larsen's bassist Steven jokes. 

Jokes aside, the four-piece have been busy both in the studio and on the stage, having supported Trophy Eyes, Gooch Palms, Delta Riggs, and an appearance at local festival Stonecutters 2016 (Dune Rats, Bennies, Roswell Kid).

After stacks of stage shows, an EP, and singles Burdens and Space Cadet (featuring music videos to boot), the group decided a full length album was next on their radar.

“We just wanted to do something that not many Adelaide bands get around doing early in their career, or even ever in their career, like a full length release," vocalist and guitarist Liam says. 

Of the eleven tracks on Weightless Again, only four have had a performance live on stage ahead of their release on the album. 

"We made a special effort not to play songs as they were written," explains the band's drummer, Alex.

"We did our First EP a lot earlier than most bands. When we recorded the EP, it was our first time recording, and we didn’t even know what we wanted. The recording process [of the album] was a lot more nitpicky with the sound we were getting, and the quality of songs we were getting. The producer [Hugh Atkinson] was learning along with us—that was the first natural drum-sound he did, and they sound fuckin’ huge,” Alex proudly explains. 

“I am over the moon” gushes Liam, the group's resident Space Cadet and NASA astronaut. 

“We’re super proud of the album and how it came out” Alex says. “I’ll always be happy with the first EP for what it is, but compared to what we have now... the two are incomparable,” Steven reiterates. 

“The song writing is really collaborative, there’s no one single song writer. There’s a couple songs on the album that are some lyrics that I wrote, based around a bass riff that Steven wrote, and like a guitar riff that Liam had as an outro,” Alex explains.

“It’s gratifying to know that we don’t have a Lennon-McCartney situation. It’s really like, ‘Larsen wrote this album’,” he says. 

“Hugh, our producer, was scrubbing through the tracks trying to find Josh Calligeros (Sincerely, Grizzly)'s part. Josh was like, 'it’s very Neapolitan'. You have a bit of this, a bit of that. It’s a very diverse album for something under the genre of alternative rock," Alex says. "That comes from everyone contributing differently, and their musical interest. Many different tastes, all within a certain branch of music," he says. 

“Before Steven even joined the band, it was just me and Sam, and I found Alex on MusoList. I had thought about contacting Alex for about two weeks before I did. I sussed out his social media; I didn’t know if I was ready to commit," Liam explains.

“We wrote up this message—even then it was like a collaborative effort between me and Sam. It was like when you got a match in Tinder, and it was like, ‘how do I approach this to get Alex on board?’”

“I was dead-set in my mind. All my eggs are in one basket, I want this band to succeed—this is what I want to do with my life. It’s just lucky that Alex is very similar to us, he’s on the same page as all of us, we want to be successful," Liam says. "We want to be making our living from playing our music," he says. 


“I’d been trying for so long to just get a band together to jam. I just wanted to get a band to the stage where we can play in front of people,” Sam explains. "I never expected us to come so far,"

Steven agrees “I have a similar outlook to the band as what Sam has, little steps at a time,"

"Liam finished his diesel mechanic apprenticeship last year, I’m studying, Alex has a job, Sam’s just finished studying as well. We’re being quite realistic about it, we have plans outside of the band, but the dream is..." "Have a fall back and fucking go for it,” Liam jumps in. “I’m a fuckin' dreamer, I am off in the clouds. I’m a fucking space cadet,” he laughs.

“When we recorded our EP it wasn’t a 'process', with this it was. We wanted to show how versatile we can be within our genre,” Alex says. “I’m so excited to play it live, dude. We have so much variety," he says.

Larsen will be heading out on tour along with a hometown show with new band Towns (members of Dead Ties, Heaps Good Friends), Pinkish Blue, and Josh Calligeros from Sincerely Grizzly at Jive

Weightless Again is available now on Bandcamp.

You can catch Larsen live on the following dates:
- 28th of September @ The Milk Factory,
- 29th of September @ Currumbin Pub, 
Gold Coast
- 5th of October @ Lass O'Gowrie, Newcastle
- 7th of October @ The Record Crate, Sydney 
- 21st of October @ whole lotta love, Melbourne
- 28th of October @ Jive, Adelaide