Lonelyspeck's top 5 picks for BIGSOUND 2017

Words by Lewis Brideson


Lonelyspeck, the intimate and sonically exploratory project of Sione Teumohenga, is one of the acts representing Adelaide at this year's BIGSOUND. Lonelyspeck will be heading to Brisbane's Fortitude Valley for the music festival and conference (held September 5th to 8th) alongside other locals who are showcasing, including West ThebartonHorror My Friend and Tigerilla.

Before Lonelyspeck graces the city, Yewth had a word about who to check out.


Electric Fields

I don’t think Electric Fields are on the official BIGSOUND artist list but they’re playing the Made In Adelaide sideshow on Thursday afternoon, which I’m also playing. I saw them earlier in the year when I did a show with them and they were incredible. They turned the whole room into this absolutely joyous, empowering party.


Lupa J

I got to see Lupa J when she played at my Sydney EP launch in March and she put on such a great show. Electronic music is often hard to translate to a live format, especially for singer-producers, but she totally has it down. I think she’s really inspiring and I’m very excited for her new music.


Miss Blanks

I love what Miss Blanks is doing and I feel like her style and attitude is something that’s missing from Australian hip-hop, so it’s exciting to see her paving that path and getting recognition. I’m hoping to be able to catch one of her sets, I feel like her shows would be so much fun.



I don’t know much about Exhibitionist, she just has one song out called ‘Hands’ and it’s amazing. I get the impression it would be an awesome live track so I’m really interested in what her live show might be like, and also just to hear more music from her.



Odette is another artist I’m keen to know more about since her recent debut single ‘Watch Me Read You.’ I’m not the kind of music listener who usually pays much attention to lyrics, but her songwriting and lyricism stuck out to me as something special, and I think her sound is so refreshing.


Catch Lonelyspeck at BIGSOUND at the following times:
The TBC Club - Wednesday 6th - 9.40pm
Ric's Big Backyard - Thursday 7th - 2.30pm
Mane Stage at Woolly Mammoth - Thursday 7th - 9.00pm