Review: The Belligerents' Science Fiction Tour at Jive

Words by Andre Pearson
Photos by Georgia Matthews


I’m standing in the anticipating crowd at Jive in Adelaide, everyone’s knees begin to weaken, their hips begin to bend and it’s time to groove to the ever rhythmic sounds forecast for the night.

First up were young local five-piece Bermuda Bay, an impressive blend of funk, psych and indie pop whose melodies tickled our insides. They even threw in a cover of BADBADNOTGOOD with added Childish Gambino lyrics! Next up were Druid Fluid, appearing on stage more confident than ever having truly settled into their sound and loved hometown audience. Word on the street is they are set to release some new oozy psych rock releases soon. After a brief stint in Jive's new outdoor seating on Hindley Street (pictured below) the crowd assembled for The Belligerents.


From the moment the first sounds of The Belligerents' third album Science Fiction were streamed across the local radio stations, everyone could hear that the five piece ensemble were writing tunes with some of the catchiest melodies to be heard this year.

It’s no wonder that the performance on Saturday never had a dull moment, from high pulsating bass lines to dramatic lyrical ballads that really turned the pace of the evening into a rollercoaster of pure adrenaline and placidity.

If that wasn’t enough for the ecstatic audience who could barely stop gyrating for a second, the lead singer Lewis Stephenson was pulling such classic 80’s dance moves that were reminiscent of a young Bowie in his prime. This style of movement not only infected everyone's own funky moves, but such stylish characters on the stage caught everyone’s attention and just let freedom take everyone on a journey.


Honestly, without any breaks in between each track, there was no time for anything but dance. The melodic organ solos from Andy Balzat and electrifying guitar riffs played by James Griffin, just ripped your indie soul apart.

Absolute choice in tracks determined the flow of the evening with every tune either reaching a typical peak of crowd pleasure, or letting you listen to the true skills in the band. The build up wasn’t for nothing though; finally to the crowd’s delight they finished on 'Caroline'. The shear escalation in this one tune alone showed how much the pumping audience was ready to explode.

As an ultimate end to every concert, they just satisfied their needs by playing one more song. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the sounds of The Belligerents yet, then let your ears have a real treat and dance all night with no one around.

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