Premiere: Weekday Wolves' 'Bruises will heal, but your grandmother’s World War II crockery won’t'

Words by Freya Langley

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Adelaide’s self-described “Premiere Happy Shoegaze band,” Weekday Wolves have been quietly cutting their teeth and developing their unique sound for a number of years now. With an EP and a full-length record under their belts, the local four-piece are back with their new single ‘Bruises will heal, but your grandmother’s World War II crockery won’t.’

The second single from their upcoming second album, ‘Bruises will heal, but your grandmother’s World War II crockery won’t,’ is a mellow, three-minute acoustic ditty. It’s cute, and cleverly toes the line between twee and profound.  It’s a refreshing track, that takes a mid-EP break from the jangly guitars and angst of the rest of the record.

For vocalist, Elliott, the song is a somewhat a personal experiment to see how many cliches he could cram into a single indie-folk song. However, there’s comfort in cliche. The familiar key changes and warmth in his vocals are reassuring, and evokes a nostalgia for the Indie-Folk songs that defined the 2010s. It’s heartfelt without being emo, and delightfully cliche without being corny. It’s like 2011, but the version of it you want to remember - a track to reflect and listen to as the warmer months draw to a close.

“Lyrically, this song is a scatter of ideas that attempts to tie together one of the main themes of the EP: the idea that quality of life is determined more so by the people you are with, rather than your physical surroundings,” says Elliott.

The song expresses the unity of the band - each member has their moment in the to shine on this track. Drummer, Huy stepped up to the plate and salvaged Elliott’s poorly-scribed sheet music with the jangly keys that provide the guts to the track for the final chorus.  

As for the title, Elliott’s not sure where he drew the inspiration from.

“Perhaps it’s my own modern take on ‘sticks and stones will break my bones…’”

Have a listen to the track below:


The trio’s forthcoming EP, ‘The world’s most liveable city” is due out on the 12th of April. Previously titled, “The world’s most liveable city is the one you are in,’ the shortened title still carries the same sentiment.

“I’m sick of Lonely Planet trying to tell me where I should live based on the number of rooftop bars a city has. For me, quality of life is determined more so by the people you surround yourself with, and the relationships you form. Without the people you know and meet, a city can mean nothing,” says Elliott.

'Bruises will heal, but your grandmother's World War II crockery won't" is the lead single off of Weekday Wolves' upcoming EP 'The World's Most Liveable City' - available via the usual streaming suspects from April 12th. You can pre-order the EP via Bandcamp for exclusive bonus material - early pre-recordings, demos and live recordings.