What you really missed out on at FOMO

Words by Lewis Brideson
Photos by Dave Court

RL Grime.

RL Grime.

After (some) scrambled to secure a tikko to the sold out Adelaide leg of FOMO, punters of all shapes and sizes packed the metro lines bound for a new home at Elder Park.

Presented by BBE, FOMO really did live up to its fearful name. The one stage, no clashes festival boasted a dense line-up of relevant local and rare international artists bound by a cleverly refined aesthetic. From an industry perspective it sure did tick the boxes to become a very successful sell-out music festival well catered for a select demographic.

Here is what you missed out on:

Elder Park.

Elder Park.

1. Despite the surrounding construction work, the Elder Park spot was a perfect new location, with Torrens views showing off Adelaide’s sights.

2. After warming up to Adelaide triple j unearthed comp winners PINES, Dena Amy kicked things in to gear with a bold Pink Panther theme remix and thumping set to follow – keep an ear out for her.

Dena Amy.

Dena Amy.

3. It was hot. It’s a summer festival after all. Sunscreen is always a wise choice.

4. As people packed in by the thousands Nina Las Vegas (joined by Kota Banks), Stooki Sound and Drezo heated up their mosh-pit crews, giving the smoke cannons an early spin and sending fists flying.

FOMO Yewth Dave Court (65 of 260).jpg

5. While the Stereos breed of punters is slowing expiring and hopefully muzzing to extinction, in flosses a new generation of trap kids. Fashion and crowd behaviour was on show like at any festival, but lets pick the best practices. Save dancing for the front, banter for the back, pushing for never, and do what FOMO promotes – party together. (See 9).

6. The Kite String Tangle’s set-up was a breath of fresh air, with live edits better than recordings and an uplifting remix of Fatboy Slim's 'Praise You'.

FOMO Yewth Dave Court (79 of 260).jpg

7. Tourist had it hard finding few fans amongst the R&B lovers, but gave it his all to send us back to his dream night-time set at Laneway 2017.

8. Although the mix wasn’t great, and one could only dream of seeing her in an intimate venue, SZA held everyone by the heartstrings. Her lyrics bounced around Elder Park atop live drums and guitar - sung back by a sea of stoked fans. Held back by sound, lifted up by song writing… like doves in the wind.



9. Post Malone’s new track ‘Three Steps Back’ didn’t sit well with the crowd... Post was cut short due to sound problems at the start and crowd problems in the middle. Fans were crushed, some needing medical assistance, with everyone continually told to take three steps back for the safety of others. Despite the crushing being pre-empted by festival runners who tried their best to control the crowd, Post was only able to raspy rap a cutla songs.

10. Kaytranada stole the show (and the after party), not only with his infectious tracks and flawless slipping and looping of Disco, R&B and House classics alongside his own originals and edits, but with his character. Oozing quiet charisma and silky bass-lines, everyone smiled from ear-to-ear and bounced from side-to-side.

Post Malone.

Post Malone.

11. Accompanying the day’s music was a host of refreshing visuals, notable nods go to Kaytra’s 70s stock footage and channel offset smooth shapes, Zhu’s warped animated tumbling naked bodies and RL’s brooding landscapes birthing mountains.

12. Zhu also had bandanas and nipple stickers handy for fans, but his remix of MJ's 'Thriller' is what stood out.

FOMO Yewth Dave Court (190 of 260).jpg

13. Just in case you have never experienced RL Grime before - he heavy. And he never fails to be. Using everyone from Kanye, to Flume, to the Lion King in the builds, his drops always resolve the tension with ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of relief from the mosh.

14. The hot day at FOMO concluded with a shimmer of raindrops across RL’s light beams, before ending in a tangle of fire, smoke and streamers from the stage.

15. EC and Rocket Bar hosted kick-ons with Stooki Sound, Drezo, Dena Amy, Kaytranada and his brother Lou Phelps owning the decks, making sure no one made it to work Monday.

Thanks FOMO.

FOMO Yewth Dave Court (230 of 260).jpg