Godlands goes to the Show

Words & photos by Alexis Tehel

This story follows young lovers, Annabel (Godlands) and Naomi, around The Royal Adelaide Show a thoroughly lowbrow affair with highbrow prices.


Armed with a couple of 35mm cameras, and a belly full of hot donuts, we got lost in a seemingly never-ending show bag pavilion of hell. Typified by underfilledbags of overpriced candy and tacky novelty goods that are without a doubt manufactured in multiple sweat shops, we managed to escape to find a haven of Dagwood dogs and ghoulish rides.

My only major regret was thinking I could conquer my fear of heights to take photos on a Ferris wheel. Note to self: it's not worth it for the 'gram. Never worth it for the 'gram.

As the day progressed, the hint of vomit that laced the air grew stronger and the maze of prams slowly dissipated, making way for even younger lovers and all manner of sin...

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