Horror My Friend's top 5 picks for BIGSOUND 2017

Words by Lewis Brideson

Horror My Friend, that noisy, idiosyncratic, local rock trio we know and love, will be one of a handful of acts representing Adelaide at this year's BIGSOUND. The boys will be making the trip to Brisbane's Fortitude Valley for the music festival and conference alongside other locals including West ThebartonLonelyspeck and Tigerilla.

Before Horror My Friend take flight next month, Yewth had a word with Tom Gordon (vocals/guitar/bass) about his top 5 acts to check out.


Good Boy

These guys are a fantastic band and fantastic dudes. 'Plum' is a fantastic EP and it's fantastic to see the band doing so well.


Jess Locke

We've had the pleasure of playing on the same night, in the same city, and at different venues as Jess on many occasions. No matter how hard we try to set up a show together, it never seems to happen.



We met these guys on tour with Columbus last year, they are a fantastic live band. Absolutely must see at BIGSOUND.


Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird

I came across this band by chance on triple j Unearthed last year and was instantly impressed by their song 'Melbourne Bitter', must listen. I am very excited to catch them at BIGSOUND.


Hockey Dad

They're good, they're m8s, even though Zach tried to beat me up at A Day of Clarity (unsuccessfully).

Catch Horror My Friend at BIGSOUND 2017 at the following times:
Wednesday 6th September, 9.40pm - The New Globe Theatre
Thursday 7th September, 10.40pm - The Elephant Hotel

BIGSOUND tickets available here.