Premiere: Mercs release fuzz-indie coming of age single 'Isolator'

Words by Noah Carter-Wignall

Yewth presents Mercs’ debut studio release, ‘Isolator’. A combination of fuzz and indie rock, ‘Isolator’ focuses on the transition from high school into the world.

“The idea of 'Isolator' is about people in high school and how popularity doesn’t really translate into the real world,” says Harry (vocals).

The idea of people drifting away after finishing school was something the band was able to relate to, “for us it’s a pretty relatable topic as it’s something happening to us at the moment.”

“There was definitely a sense of naivety in that regard, especially this time last year when we were finishing.”

The band said that the recording experience was not something they had done before. “We were all pretty oblivious as to the process of production,” says Harry.

“Recording our first single with both Colby and Tom from Siamese helped in improving our sound, we like what they’re doing so it was good to have a bit of mentorship by them,” explains Jayden

While the band admits they are “having a bit of fun in working out the sound of the band,” Harry added that they are “very happy with how ‘Isolator’ turned out, hopefully people enjoy the track as much as we do.”

You can catch Mercs with Burnside Mums, Teenage Sister & Dead Roo for their single launch at the Edinburgh Castle on the 23rd of December.

Single art by Callum Donoghue – Doonavision.