Five hot picks for OzAsia Festival 2017


Taking place from September 21 until October 8, OzAsia Festival is Australia’s premier international arts festival with a specific focus on Asian culture. What makes OzAsia stand out from other Adelaide festivals is its fierce eclecticism, as it boasts an impressive line-up of genre-busting and culturally diverse artists and performers.

Yewth student intern Phoebe Montgomery has put together a list of her top picks for 2017, which are suitable both for OzAsia veterans and fresh-faced newcomers looking to begin their trip down the rabbit hole.

The End – The World’s Vocaloid Opera (3-4 October)


For those of you who may not be 'in the know', a Vocaloid is a type of singing voice synthesizer software that acts as a kind of ‘singer in a box’, where users can type in their own lyrics and melody. Often, Vocaloid software has its own anime-styled mascot, and these mascots often develop cult followings among anime fans.

The End is the world’s first virtual opera, and is performed by Hatsune Miku, one of the world’s most popular Vocaloid popstars. Composed by Japanese composter Keiichiro Shibya, the boundary-pushing opera follows Miku as she examines her complicated identity as a perpetually ageless, 16-year-old popstar. 

Hot Brown Honey (26-30 September)

If you missed seeing the legendary Hot Brown Honey crew do their thing during Fringe, this is a good chance to check them out! These women are fierce, sexy and unafraid to speak up about social justice - while also carrying off costume changes that would put Beyoncé to shame. 

This busty burlesque is truly genre-defying, featuring dance, poetry, circus striptease and song with a noticeably political flavour. Clever, hilarious and absolutely righteous. If you like your entertainment with a bit of bite, this will definitely be your kind of vibe!

Regurgitator & Seja & Mindy Meng Wang On Guzheng Perform The Velvet Underground & Nico (29 September)

This year is the 50 anniversary of the incredibly influential album The Velvet Underground & Nico, produced by Andy Warhol and first released in 1967. In honour of this important anniversary, indie pop-rock legends Regurgitator are collaborating with German/Australia musician Seja and Chinese guzheng player Mindy Meng Wang to deliver an unmissable reinterpretation of The Velvet Underground’s most seminal release.

Featuring a mishmash of funk, pop, punk and electronica stylings, this avantgarde homage to Velvet Underground could not be more fitting.

Shonen Knife and Satan's Cheerleaders (29 September)

Japanese pop punk band Shonen Knife is coming back to Australia for their fourth national tour since 1997. Original members Atsuko and Naoko and latest drummer Risa will be playing at the Adelaide Festival Centre for one night during OzAsia Festival, supported by local band Satan’s Cheerleaders.

Notably one of Kurt Cobain's favourite bands, they are famed for their iconic pairing of heavy, thrashing punk music with adorable lyrics about food and cute animals, Shonen Knife are loud, energetic and undeniably sweet. If you go, bring earplugs, because apparently their shows always get the audience screaming like a bunch of teenage Beatles fans.

The Dark Inn (3-4 October)


OzAsia Festival is not just about music and mayhem, but also features an impressive collection of international theatre productions. The Dark Inn is one such show. An acclaimed masterpiece from world-renowned Japanese theatre auteur Kyro Tanino, the play follows a puppeteer and his dwarf father who arrived at a mysterious bath house in the mountains of northwest Japan after receiving a request to perform their show. The only issue is that once they arrive, it becomes clear that no one made the booking.

Featuring a cast of quirky characters and an intricate multi-level revolving set-design, the Dark Inn is a must see for all theatre geeks.

OzAsia Festival runs in Adelaide from September 21 to October 8, more details here.