(PARK)ing Day - Bringing the streets back to the people

Words by Caleb Sweeting

Parsec Cafe shop front. Photo via Five Thousand

Parsec Cafe shop front. Photo via Five Thousand

I’m still not quite 100% sure what PARK(ing) Day is– actually I don’t drive, so I’m not that familiar with parking at all. However, tomorrow is PARK(ing) Day which is an event that transforms spaces for vehicles into spaces for people to sit down and enjoy doing things like drinking beer/coffee, eating food, listening to live music and buying clothes… what else could you really want on a Friday?

The international event will be celebrated across the city, leaving motorists more than pissed off, while us public transporting/skateboarding/cycling-type have something to smile about.

Hindley Street is set to be the place to be for PARK(ing) your ass down and having a good time. The newly established Parsec Café/Phase Space along with neighbours RHD, SWOP, Twenty Fifty Two, Ancient World and more from Format Collective have been sweating a storm ahead of what’s set to be Australia’s best (PARK)ing Day.

The Parsec parking space (at the front of the café) is where all the action is set to take place, with live music and clothes being the main attraction.

Well, actually I lied – the main attraction is the temporary liquor license inside Parsec which also happens to be serving up delicious burgers all damn day!

Owner of Parsec, Harriet Fraser-Barbour says it’s an attempt to reinvigorate our CBD streets and give them a new purpose. “It’s a heaps fun opportunity to expand our territory. We’ll have a liquor license, we just stocked the fridge chockers – nice beers and ciders. We’ll be doing burgers into the night and lots of live music and Brad and Dave from Ancient World are going to play lots of records inside throughout the day… and maybe a dance party later, after we kick people out the café at 9.30pm.”

Owner of SWOP, Emily Sheahan believes the event is set to bring the streets back to the people. “Essentially we’re reclaiming the car park spaces that would otherwise only be utilised for traffic and doing something special with it. We’re gonna have a rack down there, which is all sustainably sourced by the public… and if you mention YEWTH you’ll get 10% off!”

She concludes, “Hopefully it brings something different to Adelaide’s scene, especially in the West End.

(PARK)ing Day is happening tomorrow (Friday the 18th of Sept) in various places around the CBD.