Premiere: St. Morris Sinners' 80 Hours A Week

Words by Freya Langley


St. Morris Sinners have been kicking around Adelaide with their unique brand of dirty alternative rock for some time now. With an EP and two albums under their belts, and having supported the likes of King Khan & BBQ Show (Canada), The Creases (Brisbane), The Monkey Wrench (USA) and King Salmon (Melbourne), their success has been a slow and bright burn to the beat of their own drum. 

'80 Hours A Week' is the debut track off of the local four piece's upcoming third album. It's a meaty, gritty outcry to the people. Hospitality workers - St. Morris Sinners salute you!

Lyrically, it's bleak: "Funerals? birthdays? or maybe just some special night? throw it all away, the customer is always right," croons lead vocalist, Stephen Johnson - who is writing from his own experiences in the industry. Bassist, George Thalassoudis lays down a primitive, repetitive, "Stoogesque" bass line. Drummer, Angus Mason, echoes this primitive bass line, with a thumping drum beat to form the foundation for guitarist, Django Martin to layer a multitude of guitar overdubs. Dave Blumberg stages a brief cameo on bass-clarinet, adding a flavour of 1930's hopelessness to the desperate, depressing track. The combination of Johnson's crooning, bleak lyricism and the punching, repetitive instrumentals encapsulate the repetitive and at times, tortuous nature of working hospo. Check it out below. 


Catch '80 Hours A Week' and more as St. Morris Sinners head off to play a couple of rural South Australia and Melbourne dates.
Friday 5th January - Grace Emily Hotel – Louis Donnarumma residency
Saturday 13th January - Surferama 2018 – Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula
Saturday 20th January -  Grace Darling Hotel (MELB) – with The Braves (double single launch)
Thursday 25th January –  Ed Castle – Adelaide Single Launch – supports TBA
Saturday 10th February – Vintage Vulture – More details TBA