RIP Created Range

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In July of 2014 I opened the doors of Created Range to the public for the first time. It was a very different store to what it is now, and a great many things have changed since that date.

I started the store with basically no experience in clothing retail, about two months of planning  and two weeks setup time after receiving the green light from Renew Adelaide. I made or borrowed everything used in the original store fit out, and stocked the racks with clothing made by friends as well as a couple small local brands I found online and had reached out to.


Skip forward to now and the store is carrying around 15 brands, some of the most innovative and interesting independent labels from around Australia. The store has played host to clothing releases, art exhibitions, film screenings, beer launches and a heap of other events, as well as my day to-day life and work. I also offered to have the very first opening party be a joint launch with this Year 12 kid Caleb that I’d met a couple of times, and was looking for a place to put out his new magazine. This turned out to be a fortuitous move as that mag evolved into the thing that is now Yewth.

As you might know, this December I will be closing the doors at Shop 13 Regent Arcade for the last time. Our final day of trade will be December 30th. This has been a heavy decision made over a long time with a lot of contributing factors, and will be a sad thing, but also exciting for myself personally, to have the time to work on a range of different projects.  

I’ve met so many incredible people and learned an incredible amount over the course of the last three and a half years, about clothing, money, business, people, Adelaide and how the world works through the lens of operating all aspects of a small business.

While most of my time for the last few years has been devoted to operating the store, I have by no means done it on my own, so will indulge in a public list of thanks here to everyone involved with all the brands, my friends and family, other stores, Renew Adelaide and Regent Arcade:

Thanks to: Chiara, Patrick, Danny, Haris, Sam P, Jarrad, Nick C, Caleb, Lewis B, Courtney, Jock, Abbey, Cam, Wade, Henry S, Jack F, Ben H, Lewis P, Katie, Jack C, Anthea, Deidre, Sam B, Austin, Lucas, Gab, Nick P, Hugo, Kaspar, Lauren, Declan, Elena, Dobre, Nico, Dillon, Musch, Miles, Matt, Lily, Julie, Kate, Zoe, Josh, Farrin, Katie S, Sammy E, Raph, Caz, Ryan, Jodia, Bryan, Jack T, Felix, Blake, Oli, Elijah, Brody, Luke, Chris, Mikey, Matt, Adrian, Drew, Mathias, Jimmy, Nick L, Kurt, Patricia, Pat, Tess, Sanja, Josh, Jake, Kerri, Jay, Jake, Tom, Jayson, Bohie, Dom, Dan, Husam, Joel V, Tyler, Scott, Tom B, Andrei, Kirra, Kieren, Luke, Mel, Sam L, Kyle, Brandos, Chelsie, Juach, Deb, Cass, Daria, Sarah, Phoebe, Isaac, Quinn, Carolyn, Saul, Nick Y, Alex D, Henry S, Van, Peter, Micaela, Dan, Eli, Henry J, Joe, Loki, Phil, Jordan B, Liam, Daniel + heaps more...

I am also deeply and eternally grateful to anyone who ever bought any sort of product at the store, came to a party, followed the shop online, or talked about it to anyone.

For the immediate future, we will be having one last Christmas party, so save the date for Friday December 22nd, as well as new releases and instore installations.

As for myself, I will continue to stick around Adelaide, working on Yewth, a heap of different projects, art things, maybe more clothing, freelance design, photography and who knows what.


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Come and celebrate one last time at RIP Created Range Chrismas Party on Friday December 22!