A parting message from Yewth

It’s with great sadness we announce after four years of printing mags, making videos and throwing events, Yewth will be ceasing operations at the end of June 2018.

We’ve decided now is the right time to move on.

Printing magazines is expensive in itself, not to mention the countless hours of work put into every piece of content in print and online; there comes a time when a passion project cannot continue to exist on passion alone.

From the start, our aim was to showcase the people behind Adelaide’s music and arts scene in a way that was accessible to everyone. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve been up for the challenge and believe we’ve been able to achieve this and more.

In print, it was about producing street press, which was made to last, and magazines that people would pick up, keep and revisit. A quarterly print cycle meant the story needed be relevant months after it was printed, but also as a product it needed to look and feel aesthetically pleasing, too. It didn’t happen overnight, but with hard work and support from advertisers and Patreon subscribers, the production went from a DIY effort to a professional outfit.

When Yewth merged with One & Three Blog in 2016, the team grew in strength and numbers. We ramped up our online presence with the addition of videos between issues, followed by new music premieres, podcasts, DJ mixes and more. Our website and social media channels were an extension of the print magazine and both complemented each other well.

The decision to end Yewth was not made lightly. It was tough because we know Adelaide needs good coverage of youth culture and we hope someone else will have the tenacity to fill the gap. Most of the Yewth team were strangers before working together and are now collaborating on new arts related projects. We’re grateful for the opportunities we’ve had, the support from Adelaide and the people we’ve met and now call friends.

Adelaide has a thriving music and arts scene, and our takeaway message is to keep supporting it. You can do this by copping tickets to shows, paying for music, buying an object an artist has made, and most importantly, telling your mates about cool things happening in South Australia.

Eventually when our website hosting expires, all the pieces at yewthmag.com will disappear into an Internet black hole. On the bright side, the print copies can be treasured for years to come for you to revisit and remember what Yewth was – never about filling space and always about publishing the best content possible. So if you haven’t got a copy, drop into Yewth HQ (55 Flinders Street, Adelaide) and pick up a back issue or two.




From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who picked up the mag, watched our videos, came to an event, subscribed to Patreon and purchased our merch. We are forever grateful for your support.

A special mention goes to our editorial team: Callum Parr, Freya Langley, Haneen Martin, Libby Parker, Paul Maland, Patrick Martin.

Contributors: Abbey Howlett, Ally Macintyre, Alex Kwong, Angus Smith, Ben Golotta, Ben Robinson, Brett Pike, Bridget Fahey, Callum Reid, Connor Jolly, Connor McKenzie, Daniel Marks, Danny Howe, Dasha Romanowski, David Musch, Dylan Minchenberg, Elayne Moon, Ellie Marie Walker, Emily Dawe, Emmaline Zanelli, Erin Gear, Evelina Katarzynski, Gabriella McVeigh, Georgia Matthews, Hannah Lally, Hannah Powley, Henry Jock Walker, Henry Sawbridge, Isaac Selby, Izzy Brideson, Jack Alexander, Jack Fenby, Jack Holmes, Jack Turner, Kate Bettes, Lauren Abineri, Lauren Connelly, Liam Bosecke, Maddie Start, Matthew Hayward, Meg Mead, Milly Schultz Boylen, Morgan Sette, Nathan Sivewright, Nathan King, Nick Horvat, Nicole O’Rielley, Niki Dahlenburg, Oliver Marshall, Oscar Westell, Patrick Martin, Peter Parker, Pia Gynell-Jorgenson, Reuben Gore, Sam Higham, Sam Kolesnik, Samuel McDonough, Seren Bell, Steven Cook, Tahlia Svingos, Timothea Moylan, Wade Whitington, Zoe Walker.

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We are forever grateful for the backing of our friends and family, Ocean View College, City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council, Carclew, Renew Adelaide, Young Henrys and Alpha Box & Dice. 

Thank you all,

Caleb Sweeting, Courtney Duka, Dave Court, Lewis Brideson

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