Inside the studio with fuzz-rock powerhouse SIAMESE

Words by Tom Matheson
Photos by SIAMESE


Local fuzz-rock powerhouse SIAMESE hit the studio last year to record their forthcoming EP Code One. Their latest single 'Slaughterhouse' is powerful, both musically and lyrically, and has been well-received on Triple J Unearthed. The four-piece has a heap more in store for 2018, so keep your ears pricked and your eyes peeled.  Frontman, Tom Matheson, was kind enough to give YEWTH an exclusive insight into their recording process. Check out his recording diary and film photos below.

TM: The process of recording for us has always been a very natural thing. With Colby working at GhostNote Studio and a few of us having had some experience here and there with recording, it really helped our mindset with recording these upcoming tracks.

Originally, we had recorded a collection of songs in Baden and Colby’s rooms, but as soon as we got down to mixing it became apparent that we had rushed the process. Nonetheless, it gave us a good idea of what tones we wanted and how we envisioned it sounding. When we recorded 'Computer Patient' at Capitalsound, the process was so legitimate, everything just flowed so well. This then got us thinking that it would be a good studio to record the whole EP in.

Anyway, a few months down the track we started recording. We did about 3 days in total, with each day being about 17 hour days. Which turned out to be a bit of a waste of time since we hadn’t recorded with a metronome – again, we were in the exact same spot we were when we recorded the first time. With the guidance of our manager, Tom Gordon, we were moved out of our comfort zone and headed to another studio, Twin Earth in Somerton Park. 'Scatterbrain' was essentially the deal breaker with the recording we did at Capital – with no metronome on the original recording there was too many inaccuracies. This time, not wanting to make that mistake again we recorded with a metronome. The experience we had at Twin Earth was way more comfortable, than we ever thought it could be. A special thank you to studio owner, Jon McNichol, who was ever so accommodating to us.

We decided to come back a month later and just record the rest of the EP there. Because we had recorded multiple times, we weren’t sure if we were sick of some of the songs or that they were genuinely not up to scratch. We decided to scrap two of the older ones and put in two new ones that we thought more closely resembled our sound. With our upcoming EP 'Code One', I think you can expect a very broad sounding spectrum of songs. With three older songs and two newer ones you'll be able to see how our writing style has changed and what was influencing us at the time.

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