Some Ladies Doing Cool Things

For our nod to International Women's Day today, we here at Yewth thought it would be cool to compile a list of some local Adelaide friends of ours that are excelling in their chosen field and also happen to be women.


One half of Hummingbird and one whole of Allume, Elena Nees conjures dreamy bedroom pop at its finest. Effortlessly dipping into minimal production with gorgeous vocals, her approach is always honest and captivating.

Joy & Sparks:

Vocalist/producer Joy & Sparks is a force to be reckoned with in the local electronic music scene, creating everything from thumping trap infused Aretha covers to down-tempo warm glitchy goodness set beneath her serious set of vocal pipes. Big things are sure to come this year, but in the meantime enjoy Joy’s set from that time she stopped past Radio Adelaide.

Emmaline Zanelli:

Emmaline is a super talented multi-disciplinary artist, photographer, curator and all around top bloke ;). Regularly exhibiting work since 2010 and having recently graduated from AC Arts at the end of 2015 she has been consistently killing it. She has picked up a string of awards, been selected for the 2016 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition for the state as well as Hatched, the national graduate exhibition, as well as a couple exhibitions already under her belt for 2016 and big things in the works. See more work here and follow her on instagram here.

 Hypersensitive - 2015, digital photograph, dimensions variable

Hypersensitive - 2015, digital photograph, dimensions variable

Adia Azin:

Aida is another exceptional local artist, also graduating from Adelaide College of the Arts in 2015, she has a masterful mark making technique and handle on moving paint around in interesting ways. Her work explores culture, heritage, travel, and graffiti among other things, and are just straight up good paintings.
See more here or follow her in instagram here.

 Connections - Mixed Media on cardboard, 80x100cm - Image: Jesse Mullins

Connections - Mixed Media on cardboard, 80x100cm - Image: Jesse Mullins

 Dreams of Tarot - Mixed media on cardboard, 55x80cm - image: Jesse Mullins

Dreams of Tarot - Mixed media on cardboard, 55x80cm - image: Jesse Mullins

Bridget Fahey:

Bridget, our Issue 005 contributing illustrator/writer is also very multi-talented, between comedy, music and illustration has it pretty well covered.
See some of her music stuff here.
See some illustrations here.
See her telling some jokes at The Cult of Comedy this thursday and friday, tickets here.

Lily Jacobs:

Paving the way for small businesses and creatives alike, Lily is an industry leader crucial to the growing cultural capital of South Australia. Without leaders like Lily - and organisations like Renew Adelaide - creatives would struggle to turn their ideas into reality.

 Photo: Nat Rogers/InDaily

Photo: Nat Rogers/InDaily

We've been closely watching Adelaide gal Hunt over the last couple of months, and can confirm she is a lady absolutely killing it in the synth-pop music scene. Already this year she's released a second EP, played a string of gigs including supporting The Preatures at Fat Controller, Royal Croquet Club and helping us kick off the first night of Yewth Presents at Pirie & Co. Social Club! 

Sose Fuamoli:

Sose is the legit ultimate ladies boss as Editor In Chief of The AU Review. Despite being one of the busiest humans we know, and a highly respected voice in the music world, she still makes plenty of time for local up-and-comers, quality old favourites, hitting up the local haunts and supporting others in any way she can.

Sharni Honor:


If you don’t know Sharni Honor and her infectious charm by now, you are bloody doing life wrong. Creator and directors of music venture The Porch Sessions has become one of SA’s most loved events to the scale of back to back sold out seasons and her recent mega-session, Porchland. Persians and good vibes galore. Sharni shows no signs of slowing down, and we look forward to what other creative projects she sinks her teeth into.

And of course an honourable mention must go to none other than our very own Courtney Duka - who we were going to write all these nice things about but have had to retract due to fear of her deleting all the nice things – here’s a sticker instead :).