The Avalanches chat new music and more ahead of WOMADelaide

Words by Libby Parker

WOMADelaide is almost upon us and with it brings four days, eight stages, 177 performances and 690 artists for our entertainment pleasure.

 The Avalanches. Photo supplied.

The Avalanches. Photo supplied.

Amongst those is award winning, iconic Australian electronic outfit The Avalanches, who are set to bring their talent to the world of music in Adelaide this weekend.

Tony Diblasi, from the band, says while there was a 16-year gap between albums Since I Left You and Wildflower, the third record is on its way.

“After the first album, we started going in a different direction and just wrote a shitload of music; lots and lots and lots of music. And I guess as time went along, the pressure started building and Since I Left You started to gather this legendary status, which kind of added more pressure,” he says.

“But we made it. And there are literally just hours and hours and hours of music that didn’t make it onto Wildflower. But they’re not something we will go back to now. We won’t release the b-sides or anything like that. I think it's really nice now we're writing lots of music and working on finishing a record this year. It’s the style of music we want to make, and it's just lighter and more up-tempo and happy, and we're just feeling joy again to do music. It's not like a pressurised situation now, it's why we started doing it in the first place.”

Having never been to WOMADelaide before, Tony is pretty keen to get back to Adelaide to play for us.

“I’m really looking forward to WOMAD. It sounds like it's just so different from any other festival that you would go to in Australia. I haven't been to Adelaide for a while. We played at the Thebarton last time and, I don't want to sound insulting, but Adelaide kind of gets a bad rep every now and then at being kind of a boring city,” he says. “But I walked around the markets and the city, and it was this really hot day, and we had a really good time. The food's amazing.

“And, I don't know, I was like ‘Man, Adelaide's really changed.' I don't know. I just really enjoyed it last time I went there. So I’m looking forward to going back and I want to go and maybe stay for a week at some point.”

To celebrate their WOMADelaide debut and return to our city, Tony says The Avalanches will be bringing their whole show.

“There’ll be all five of us; We've got the full band. We’ve got a rapper, a singer, a drummer and obviously a guitar, and I take keys. It's quite high energy, fun. We’re really excited, to be honest,” he says.

Wildflower is a colourful mess of sample-delights and catchy songs that stick with you, which Tony says happened through the recording process too.

“Unfortunately, ‘Frank Sinatra’ is the biggest earworm. And I say unfortunately because I love that song,” he laughs. It's like that friend you've got that is amazing for a couple of hours, but then, you just want to get rid of him because he's really annoying. And during the mixing process we'd have to listen to that song days and days in a row, and it's hell. It was really hard. We had engineer assistants and everything that would literally go, ‘I can't listen to this song anymore!’”

To get that song and more stuck in your ears, your head and your heart, get along to WOMADelaide - The Avalanches play Sunday March 11 on Stage 2.

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