The Smocks: easy listening math-punk and purveyors of fine memes

Words by Oscar Westell
Photo by Sam Twidale

Adelaide punk rockers The Smocks have conquered hearts and minds on stage and online, engineering a cult meme status with their idolisation of drummer Patty’s magnificent dad-bod. The band writes music off the back of fun jams drawing inspiration from artists like Ty Segal, Idols, Arctic Monkeys and Girls Aloud. Yewth caught up with the lord of dankness and front man Luc at The Metro to discuss their upcoming EP POV that launches this Saturday night at the West Oak Hotel.

“The Smocks are Jack on bass, Patty on drums and myself on guitar, vocals and synth,” Luc says.

The Smocks combine a mix of grunge and garage frequencies with polite attitudes, sass and musical parts transposed from decimals of Pi. The band has calculated an impressive debut release for their fans.

“The goal with POV was to put some of our older material to rest. We’ve got a bunch of new stuff coming out after this EP. When you have such a strong meme presence it is easy to distract from our music. This release was a way to legitimise what we are doing and counter people’s opinions,” he says.

Drummer Patty reads the weather on ABC Radio in Port Pirie and his impressive morphology is the subject of much of The Smocks rolling meme catalogue. His larger than life character backed up by sheer power on stage.

“His drummer décor is super sweaty, full of energy with a loud belly that hypnotizes crowds when we play live. He’s a little extra,” Luc jokes.


The Smocks current line up came about after an instrument swap lead to Jack transitioning over from six strings to four. The band recorded POV with mate Sam Grimshaw from Grimlar Records.

“Sam is a total space cadet and leaves you gripped with doubt, but always pulls through in the end. We’re really happy with the way it’s turned out,” he says.

The opening track of the EP 'I’m Outside' was written from the perspective of Luc’s old doggo meeting a new pupper. The old friend is pushed outside from the inner circle of love and begins its first existential crisis. The track is a ruckus, with distorted guitars, grungy bass-lines and classic punk undertones, with the percussion packing a loose but fast paced energy.

“We enjoy making our style more palatable to audiences. It’s down to earth, honest and the guys and I have an absolute ball together,” he says.

With new material in the works, the band is seeking some structure and further stimulation with their approach to writing.

“We’re making it more purposeful. Bringing in defined movements and bridge elements to the tunes. The unreleased demos all have an alternative energy that we’re really getting into,” Luc says.

The band kicks off their debut EP celebrations on the first day of The Ashes in Adelaide and feels optimistic about the weekend ahead.

“It's going to be a big party and we’re getting a bit patriotic for the cricket. Patty is of course planning something very special for the night. Plus, we’re supported by some great local bands at an awesome new venue," he says.

Listen to POV via Bandcamp here

Catch The Smocks this Saturday the 2nd of December at the new West Oak Hotel, 208 Hindley Street, Adelaide from 8pm until late with Ron The Ox and Howl ’n Bones.
For more information check out the event here.