"All I brought back from Bali was a bunch of Bintang singlets and a few good stories."

Let the photos speak for themselves...

1.       The surf at Uluwata is well worth the 400 steps it takes to make it down to the beach.

2.       There’s no other way to explore the Balinese landscapes than by scooter.

3.       A sneaky hip shot of a couple of pups while they took a break from pestering the locals for food.

4.       Love Bali.

5.       Always a pleasure being greeted by the kind-hearted locals.

6.       The traditional Asian straw hat proved itself to be one of the best purchases of the trip.

7.       An ice cold Bintang is the best way to cool down after a surf on some of the best breaks you’ll ever see.

8.       Can always rely on a late afternoon adventure to provide scenes worthy of Instagram.

9.       Enjoying the sunset on a stroll along the well-known Kuta beach as the sun lights everything gold.

10.       There are times you just have to sit on the side of the road and appreciate the moment when the sun sets fire to the clouds. 

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If you've got the dosh saved up and want to live it up before uni/work/school rolls around like a bad smell; why not plan a trip to Bali and experience these scenes first-hand.