Premiere: Wing Defence release 'Stuck' music video

Photos by Nick Horvat
Music video by Skye Lockwood and Paige Court

Wing Defence-Credit Nick Horvat.jpg

Fresh Adelaide duo Wing Defence have just released a music video for their adored debut single 'Stuck'.

Skye Lockwood and Paige Court, AKA Wing Defence, stepped onto the court last month with 'Stuck', a catchy angst-infused indie track that snatched attention from the likes of Triple J and a range of blogs through Hype Machine.

"Stuck is all about that damn awful feeling you have when you love someone so much but you just know you cannot be with them... it's such a terrifying feeling knowing what's in store when you finally become 'unstuck'. Lost friendships and relationships, judgement, loneliness and guilt... but the good thing is what comes after all those pains - freedom!" explains the duo.

Their spontaneously phone-filmed music video sees WD in the studio, surely plotting an exciting game plan for 2018.

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