Yewth is an independent publication and creative collective producing magazines, videos and events with a focus on local music, art and culture. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we are connecting the youth with quality content produced by creatives for creatives, and supporters from all respective scenes and walks of life.

At Yewth we believe in the power of print media and creating a free magazine that is relevant yet long-lasting, a piece of art in itself, because print is not dead. We also produce regular videos, online articles, social media content, DJ mixes and events, because innovation and consistency across all mediums is vital.

We have strong ties in the South Australian scene and are always striving to organically foster these relationships, build new ones and collaborate on exciting projects. We offer a range of options for print and online advertising, video, design and event services, or any other creative venture - don't hesitate to ask.



Yewth was established in 2014 with the release of Issue 001 as Caleb Sweeting's Year 12 Research Project, and since then has grown dramatically to where it is today. After being a feature artist in Issue 001, local artist and independent boutique store owner Dave Court became the creative director and designer of the magazine. Also in 2014, Courtney Duka founded the online music publication One & Three to give local musicians a home in the media, reeling in Lewis Brideson to help run the project and produce video content.

At the start of 2016 Yewth and One & Three blog merged, combining forces to become what Yewth is today - not only a publication, but one that produces quality content across all mediums, runs events, fosters local networking and collaborates with other businesses and organisations as a creative agency.

We have worked with Music SA, Musitec, the Adelaide Fringe, the Art Gallery of South Australia, Red Bull, AGSA, Carclew, Tooth and Nail, Renew Adelaide, Tutti Arts, Fat Controller, 5/4 Entertainment, Fontanelle, Onkaparinga Youth Arts Program and many more.


YEWTH has an audience of open, active and social young people. Our readers are students, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and creatives in their own right. This makes them early adopters and influencers in their peer groups. Our audience goes to gigs, supports start-up projects and local businesses, attends exhibitions, frequents festivals and engages in city life. This is a community of people who not only read Yewth, but contribute, attend and share their experiences. As we grow, we are not just for 'the youth' of today, but anyone who continues to live the lifestyle they love.


With each issue, Yewth grows in distribution and circulation. The print magazine is available at 40+ coffee joints, clothing stores, record shops, bars, venues, universities and hang out areas in Adelaide. Each physical copy is made to have a distribution life of well beyond six months with content designed to be relevant months or years after publication. All issues can also be read or ordered online.

  • 4000+ print copies
  • Distributed tri-annually (summer, winter and an Adelaide Fringe/Festival themed issue)
  • Free to the public
  • Distribution life and relevance of beyond 6 months
  • 80 pages, A5, perfect bound
  • See places that stock the magazine here
  • Available to read and order online
  • Locally printed in Adelaide by Newstyle Print
  • Increasingly available around Australia (including Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra)
Issue 009 (Winter edition) 4 June 2017 23 June 2017
Issue 010 (Summer edition) 13 October 2017 9 November 2017
Issue 011 (Festival edition) 25 January 2018 10 February 2018
Issue 012 (Winter edition) 15 May 2018 8 June 2018
Issue 013 (Spring edition) 15 August 2018 14 September 2018
Issue 014 (Summer edition) 15 October 2018 9 November 2018 2018


Online Readership of Print Issues:

  • 2.5 million total impressions on Issuu
  • 1.4 million impression in 2 weeks of Issue 008
  • 2,500 reads in first 2 weeks of Issue 008

Print Readership:

  • 8,000+ readers

Mailing List:

  • 1000+ mailing list


  • 9,000+ monthly page views
  • 4,000+ monthly audience size

Instagram: @yewthmag

  • 3,500+ followers
  • 18,000+ weekly impressions
  • 600+ Instagram stories viewers

Facebook: /yewthmag

  • 5000+ likes
  • 182,000+ monthly organic reach
  • 9,000+ monthly video views

YouTube: /yewthmag

  • 200+ subscribers
  • 47,400+ views

Twitter: @yewthmag

  • 680+ followers
  • 49,000+ monthly impressions

Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Spotify:

  • 190+ Soundcloud followers
  • 4,400+ minutes listened on Mixcloud

Snapchat: yewthmag

  • 400+ unique viewers per snap

Apple News:

  • 900+ unique viewers



Both print and online advertising is available, with further integrated advertorial content and assistance with illustration, photography or layout as extra options. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to arrange a meeting. We are always open to discussing packages and creative ways to engage readers with your brand.

 Single page advertisement example

Single page advertisement example

 Single page advertorial example

Single page advertorial example

Single page $800 $750 x 2 payments $700 x 3 payments
Double page $1400 $1300 x 2 payments $1200 x 3 payments
Back cover $3500 - -
Inside cover $900 $850 x 2 payments $800 x 3 payments
A3 fold out poster (work by feature artist on reverse) $2000 $1900 x 2 payments $1800 x 3 payments
Advertorial/integrated content Available on request - -
 Homepage banner example (can hyperlink to external website on request)

Homepage banner example (can hyperlink to external website on request)

Homepage banner $150 $400 1200x500px
Homepage inset $50 $150 500x500px
Rotating banner $100 $350 1200x500px
Website wings $300 $1000 1900x950px
Newsletter mail out Available on request - -


  • Advert illustration or photography - add $150
  • Advert layout design - add $80
  • Video content available on request
  • We are open to discussing alternative advertising options and assisting with direction and copy

A template for print and online sizing and specifications can be downloaded here.


As well as the print and online publications, Yewth prides itself on producing consistent quality video content. We offer the ability to work with events, businesses, organisations and creative individuals to give them video exposure that cuts through the digital landscape.

  • Any form of video production is available on request
  • We offer options for Yewth branded videos or video freelance work for your brand from our experienced team
  • Videos available for viewing on YouTube, Facebook and our website

For more information on video services contact Lewis Brideson at

YEWTH one minute teaser video.

Event feature video with interviews.

Festival highlights video.

YEWTH produced advertisement for Music SA.


For freelance design services, t-shirt printing, assistance with your advert, or any questions regarding design specifications for the magazine or online, contact Dave Court at

 Advert layout, illustration, copy or photography available on request.

Advert layout, illustration, copy or photography available on request.

 T-shirt design in conjunction with Issue 007 feature artist Joel VDK.

T-shirt design in conjunction with Issue 007 feature artist Joel VDK.


To work on an event in conjunction with Yewth please contact Courtney Duka at

To book YEWTH DJs for an event please contact Lewis Brideson at



Public Relations and Events: Courtney Duka - - 0437 421 524

Editor-in-Chief: Caleb Sweeting - - 0432 954 314

Content Coordinator and Head of Video: Lewis Brideson - - 0448 047 908

Creative Director and Designer: Dave Court - - 0481 457 808

General enquires:




“Yewth is unique, relevant and ever growing. Furthermore, it is the only street press of its kind in Adelaide, documenting the grassroots activity of local and emerging artists and musicians.”

- Celeste Aldahn, Teens Program Officer at the Art Gallery of South Australia


"The aesthetic sensibility, the sense of sophisticated iconoclasm, the breadth of understanding of music and art are breathtaking. This is a project of great quality and a young project, which defines, leads and inspires youth."

- Peter Goers, presenter at 891 ABC Adelaide


The quality of Yewth to date has been noted by many people in Adelaide, the impact it is making is impressive.”

- Heather Croall, Director & Chief Executive at the Adelaide Fringe


“Yewth magazine in particular is a piece of beauty and is key in promoting the original contemporary music scene in Adelaide.”

- Lisa Bishop, General Manager at Music SA